Sunday, March 15, 2015

{#sol15} half and half 15/31

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Yesterday was a beautiful spring day here.  Sixty degrees and sunny all day long.  We spent the majority of the day outside in the sunshine.  Playing in the yard.  Soccer and basketball.  Scooters, bikes, and mini-four wheelers.  Back and forth.  Up and down the driveway.

In the afternoon, we set out on a bike ride with the girls on the newly acquired (Craigslist find) trail-a-bikes that attach to our bikes.  The girls were beyond excited when we set off on our journey to the bike trail.

The "trail-a-bike" test ride in the bike shop parking lot.

The girls decided before we left that M. would ride half way with Mommy and then half way with Daddy and P. would do the opposite.  

M. and I hopped on our bikes.  She weighs a mere two pounds more than her sister, but you can feel the difference.  She wobbled a bit on the trail-a-bike trying to find her balance as she looked around or looked behind us.  She was busy on that bike, but I greatly appreciated that she pedaled and pedaled consistently.  

We made it half way on the bike trail ride.  Time to switch.  I thought I was in for an easy ride home.

P. and I hopped on our bikes.  She weighs two pounds less than her sister, and you can feel the difference.  She rode steady on the trail-a-bike, keeping her balance facing forward.  She almost felt like she wasn't there ... except when I pedaled up a slight incline into the breezy wind and then I knew that she wasn't pedaling.  At all.  So I encouraged her to pedal.  Her response:

"Mommy, what if we made this so it could pedal by itself? So then we wouldn't have to pedal?  Myself is almost out of gas." P. informed me.

"Honey, we are going on the bike ride to get some exercise too!  Move our bodies and get fresh air!  And how could you possibly be almost out of gas?  You need to fill up!" I responded while laughing and still pedaling by myself.

We made it home and celebrated our first long eight mile bike ride together as a family.  

I learned that I shouldn't be so quick to judge in who makes a better co-pilot.  

All the fresh air and exercise wiped us out.  We were in bed early and slept all night.  Daddy is hoping for a repeat trip today.  I wonder who will be my co-pilot this trip.  

Perhaps half and half is a good balance.


  1. Sounds like a very pleasant bike ride. Interesting how riding with your daughters was different than you expected at first. I hope you all enjoy the bike ride today without running out the fuel.

  2. Those bikes are the coolest! I remember taking my girls on bike rides on one of those child carriers strapped to the back of my bike. I loved those trips. They did, too, and still reminisce about them. Your kids will remember these fun times, too!

  3. Fun. I love your ending "Who will be the co-pilot today." Great slice.

  4. I love this Michelle! Out of gas . . . Tell her I feel like that after some of my workouts! The only thing where is John's helmet? :-).

  5. Enjoyed this so much! I also have fond memories of the bike trailer, but my husband was always the one to pull our daughter. I could just never find my balance with it. Hope you'll have many more opportunities to take more bike trips together this spring!

  6. What fun! Hope you are enjoying another bike riding day today. They will keep surprising you as to how they go about doing things - similar, but different! I'd say we could try this next week, but I think I have enough trouble trying to balance myself, let alone a tag-a-long. Love ya, Mom

  7. What fun on the bikes! I bet you were all out of gas by the time you got home. What a workout for you!

  8. What a wonderful way to enjoy a spring day!

  9. This is so wonderful I love those bikes and can't wait to buy one for a grandchild or two down the road.


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