Wednesday, March 4, 2015

{#sol15} an every single day moment 4/31

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Shhh ... it's that time.  
My favorite moment 
of every. single. day.  

That moment 
late in the night 
when I head upstairs. 

 I click on the bathroom light
 to help guide my way  
into the bedroom.

I pick up and move little bodies
 that have turned around 
and are sleeping the wrong way.

I search for lost stuffed animals 
under the covers, under the beds,
 or snuggled under the girls.

I tuck in again the purple sheets 
so that we have minimal chances 
of falling out of bed.

I sweep the hair away 
from a face and gently brush 
the back of my hand on a soft cheek.

I smile as I take a moment 
to stare at my sweet sleeping angels.  
So innocent.  So gentle.  So perfect.

I gently kiss a warm forehead 
as movement begins to occur 
with a stretch and a roll.

I hold my breath
not wanting to wake my girls
as I quietly close the door behind me.

My favorite moment 
of every. single. day.  
It's that time ... shhh.


  1. This is so beautiful! It inspires me to try my hand at writing poetry, which is not my forte!

  2. And I bet the next most favorite is when they wake up and give you that morning snuggle and hugs! Xo

  3. Awwwww.... Such a sweet poem and so true. To see them snuggled and sleeping peacefully with not a care in the world. Knowing that God has His arms around them, protecting them. Sweet dreams to all. Love ya, Mom

  4. What a lovely post about a very special moment with your girls;)
    Jen and Darla

  5. I can't begin to tell you how much I love this. You have captured every mother's heart because we all know. I also love it because I can use it as a mentor text next year when we write poems that capture a moment!

  6. Beautiful description! Makes me want to be a mommy!

    1. It's the most rewarding job ever!!!

  7. Mmmmm... love the sweetness that slips through these lines. Your descriptions brought me back to my son's chubby legs splayed across his bed.

  8. Beautiful and touching poem, Michelle!

  9. This is beautiful! Love the description of all the things you do in that tiny moment of "checking in."

    I was, however, screaming in my head "Get out! Get out!" when there was a tiny bit of movement near the end. Ha ha ha ha... don't want to wake them up!!

  10. Sweet. Poetry is a natural part of you.

  11. So innocent. So gentle. So perfect.
    Thanks for sharing your special moment and for bringing back my sweet memories.

  12. Watching sleeping babes is the best, and you get a double dose every night. Sweet!

  13. Watching my children sleep is the best! I love how you crafted this with repeated verse book ending a wonderful moment in time. This post made me smile and remember.

  14. Gently brush my hand across their cheeks- memories. Sweetness weaves throughout your poem. Those quiet moments captured.

  15. Such satisfying stuff--the nighttime ritual. Is there nothing as innocent as children asleep?

  16. Oh Michelle, I love this so much.

  17. Thanks for sharing that very special favorite moment. Your writing is so descriptive, I felt like I was there with you!! Wishing you many more favorite moments!!

  18. This is a beautiful and gentle slice. I couldn't help but think how this is a much sweeter picture of sleep than those early days of sleepless nights. ;)

  19. Lovely. Bedtime love captured perfectly.

  20. It is a treat when I pop over to your blog and notice there is a poem waiting. You really have a strength when it comes to capturing life in poetry. This one is no exception. I feel like you let me in on a precious, personal, just-for-mommy moment.


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