Friday, March 27, 2015

{#sol15} painted toes 27/31

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My mom promised me a date to get a pedicure while she was visiting.  A little early birthday treat for my toes to be ready for what we thought was spring.  We've been going, going, going all week.  There really hasn't been a moment that the two of us could get away.  I suggested that we bring the girls with us.

I called a new nail salon in town in the morning.  They had two openings for us right away.  I happened to ask how much a kiddie pedicure cost.  A reasonable $15 ... times two, of course.  I thought since my mom was treating me, I'd treat my girls to their first salon pedicure. 

Once we arrived, we were the only ones in the salon and four ladies were ready and waiting for us.  We were directed to pick out our nail color of choice.  It didn't take the girls long to pick out a perfect purple for their toes.  Grandma and I picked out our shades of purple as well.  We walked over to the big chairs and the girls were in awe.

P. had no issues adjusting to her new surroundings.  She climbed up in the chair and was ready for this new experience.  She was all smiles.  

M. wasn't quite as sure.  She watched me as I rolled up my pant legs and dipped my feet into the big bowl of warm water.  She slowly followed my lead.  

I told M., "Relax.  This is special.  Listen to the soft music and enjoy while we get pampered."

A smile crept across her face.  

The girls then provided a play-by-play of everything that was happening to each of us.  From scrubbing to trimming to filing to purple lotion to toe separators -- and everything in between -- until all forty BIG and little toes were painted purple.

As we waited for our pretty purple toes to dry, M. looked at me with a sense of urgency, wiggled her fingers at me, and asked, "Mom, what about our finger nails?"

"Not this time, honey," I winked and whispered in response.

On the way home, the girls continued to gush about their first nail salon experience.  Then M. quickly asked, "Mommy, does Daddy know about our toes?"

I laughed, "Not yet."

"Can we tell him?" she questioned.   

"Of course!  You have to show him your purple toes!" I have been known to tell them that "this" is our little secret.  I guess she was just checking.

After we arrived home, M. took a photo of her freshly painted
purple toes with the iPad! They were HUGE on the screen!

I'm not sure if introducing my almost-five year old daughters to the nail salon was a good idea or not ... but P. already requested that we return to the nail salon for aqua toes before their Frozen birthday party in May.

Oh boy.  

Or shall I say, oh girls ...

The final product: Our varying shades of purple toes.
Grandma wrote about our adventure too! Click HERE to read!


  1. I think I had more fun watching their excitement than getting the pedi! But, I think we have created two little Divas! Grandpa is jealous - he wanted to get a pedi too! Love ya, Mom

  2. Super cute! Purple toes for everyone!

  3. I love this Michelle! All girls need to get our tootsies done and starting at 4 1/2 is the perfect age :-)
    When my niece was 7 we had her birthday party at the salon for mani and pedis! I love when M asked if they could tell daddy!! Too funny!

  4. I love that you all chose purple! One of the times has to be the first time. Why not now?

  5. It sounds like an all generation girls day and a fun memory. So glad you posted a picture of the purple toe parade! Special!

  6. I loved that you all got purple - three generations but that you also highlighted how your girls responded differently, showing their unique personalities. I loved the lines about whether or not their dad knew and if they could show him.

  7. So very sweet! Sounds like a new tradition, too! What did daddy say about all those purple toes?

  8. Sounds like spring break is a blast!

  9. Fun to read your story and your mom's! Lots of similarities! Should I admit here that I have never had a pedicure???


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