Sunday, March 29, 2015

{#sol15} For Me 29/31

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Every year of the Slice of Life Story Challenge, for the last five years, slice #29 is just for me.  I celebrate my birthday today usually with a list that grows by one each year.  In previous years, I have shared the joys in my life, what I am thankful for, and birthday wishes that have come true.

This year I decided to share a  love, loathe, worry, wonder  list.  I have to mix is up a little bit for my own pure enjoyment and fun!

1.  I love my husband, Jon.
2.  I loathe that I don't always tell him how much I love and appreciate him every day.
3.  I worry about what I would ever do without him.  He's my soulmate.  He's my one.
4.  I wonder what will be our next adventure together.  We make a great team.

5.  I love my almost-five year olds daughters.  More than almost anything.
6.  I loathe that they are growing up so fast.  Too fast.
7.  I worry about them every day.  Wishing to protect them from any little hurt or worry.
8.  I wonder who they will become as they grow older.

9.   I love my Mom and Dad, who support me in all that I do.
10.  I loathe that they live so far away.  Too far away.
11.  I worry about them as they grow older, even though in my mind they do not age.
12.  I wonder where they will live and what they will do in their next chapter of their lives.

13.  I love my brother and sister-in-law, who would do anything that I need.
14.  I loathe that even though we live close to each other, we live busy lives.
15.  I worry about not spending as much time as I would like to with them.
16.  I wonder what their future holds together: a dog? children? a new home? 

17.  I love being a teacher and working with super students.
18.  I loathe the additional stress and drama that is created in education today.
19.  I worry about not meeting the needs of all my students every day.
20.  I wonder how schools and education will change in 5, 10, 15 years.

21.  I love eating healthier and eating less food. 
22.  I loathe taking the time to exercise, even though after I exercise, I feel better.
23.  I worry about not setting a good example of being healthy for my girls.
24.  I wonder if I'll ever drink a mocha frappe again.

25.  I love being on vacation far away from real life.
26.  I loathe planning for vacations and packing -- everything before the real vacation.
27.  I worry about how much vacations can cost, lots of savings before too.
28.  I wonder where our next trip will take us.

29.  I love learning and reading and writing.  This equals me time.
30.  I loathe never having the time and energy for all three every day.
31.  I worry that I have too many book when I can't read them all ...
32.  I wonder when I'll have more me time again to learn, read, and write when I want to.

33.  I love being in my home that was built in 1950 by Jon's Grandpa.
34.  I loathe always being on the go, go, go and the to-do list is always too long.
35.  I worry about keeping my house clean and organized and always trying to stay ahead.
36.  I wonder if we will ever decide to move ... to a new home ... to a new city ... to a new state.

37.  I love gaining knowledge and experience as I grow older.
38.  I loathe the idea of being ...  I can't say it ... yet. 
39.  I worry about turning {cough} next year. 

So,  I wonder  if I'll enjoy this year and embrace this number 39.


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  1. Such an interesting method of seeing all sides of each topic! I like how "love" and "wonder" sandwich the "loathe" and "worry", so each begins and ends on a positive note. I will have to share this with my teachers, and may even use it as part of my end-of-year library survey!

  2. This format is so intriguing! I think this could be a great format for all of us and for our students. Thank you for sharing and HAPPY BIRTHDAY

  3. Happy Birthday, Michelle! I love the way you structured this post. We all have things we love, loathe, worry, and wonder about. any given topic. As I am approaching a milestone birthday this year and I have quite a few years on you, I can tell you that although there will be ups and downs, the solid foundation you have built will only get better. Enjoy your day!

  4. Happy birthday! Like several others, I love the structure of this post. I want to try it for a slice. And I think it would be a really fun way to start a PD. I need to keep a list of all of these possibilities. You and several others have been so creative this month!

  5. Happy birthday Michelle! I love this format and the different angles it lets you explore. I hope you love your day today, loathe when it's over, worry less about the next number and wonder at all the blessings in your life today. Enjoy!

  6. What a great way to explore different facets of a topic! What a special day with your family near and able to celebrate with you! This will be another great year for you. Happy Birthday!

  7. Happy happy birthday Michelle! I love that we stay connected, I loathe that we can't share new books in my old office, I worry about the stressors teachers face everyday and I wonder when you Jon and the girls will get out to New Mexico! Great slice as usual my friend! Have a great, great 39th year ;-). xoxo

  8. Happy Birthday. I love this format. I have lots of ideas bouncing in my head. Thank you for sharing.

  9. So awesomely creative! Happy Birthday!

  10. Happy Birthday, Michelle. Each year I remember, oh yes, this is her birthday, & it's always a marvelous reflection. You deserve this special Sunday with family, hope it's just perfect!

  11. Happy, Happy Birthday! Palju õnne sünnipäevaks! Hug.

  12. Love, love, love this post. Happy birthday, dear writer! Don't forget... age is just a number.
    Really like your yearly writing tradition for your birthday!

  13. This was a fun format to read. I'll be tucking this away to try sometime. Maybe on my BIG birthday in a few months! Happy Birthday-I hope it was great.

  14. This is a beautiful slice, written by a wonderfully talented writer! Happy birthday!

  15. Happy Birthday Michelle (a day late)!!!
    I love your list!
    I loathe that it's over!
    I worry that I missed your birthday!
    I wonder what kind of list you'll make for FORTY! :)
    Happy Happy Birthday!!!

  16. Wow!
    I so enjoyed reading your list, Michelle.
    I was nodding in agreement many times.

  17. So many loves, loathes, worries and wonders - a great list. Love the format - I'll have to save that idea for a later slice. Love ya, Mom


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