Thursday, March 12, 2015

{#sol15) fragrant poetry 12/31

The March Slice of Life Story Challenge
hosted at the Two Writing Teachers
Join us for a month of writing!

During the SOLSC, I have borrowed many ideas from other writers and their mentor text slices. One of my favorite -- very fun -- mentor texts was shared by the other Ruth.  She wrote a little iPod poetry using the titles of songs from her iPod. 

Pick and choose your song titles.  The words are there to play around with to create a poem.  
Here are two iPod poems that I created in   2013   and   2011.

I thought about trying to write another iPod poem until earlier this week when I started to notice all the various names of my stash of soaps, shower gels, lotions, and perfume sprays from Bath & Body Works.  Ah ha!  I had a new poetry idea ... I only wish you could smell the beautiful fragrances of the poem.

Stuck on what to write about?  Go on and try an iPod or B&BW poem!

A Thousand Wishes

Secret Wonderland
Caribbean Escape 
Beautiful Day
Dancing Waters
Love & Sunshine
Forever Red
Eucalyptus Tea
True Blue Spa
Black Cherry Merlot
Carried Away
Moonlight Path
Endless Weekend
 Pure Paradise
A Thousand Wishes

Playing without additional words and with ...

A Thousand Wishes

{Planning a} Secret Wonderland
Caribbean Escape {away}
{Where every day is a} Beautiful Day
{with} Dancing Waters
Love & {lots of} Sunshine
Forever Red {Ouch!}
{Cooling} Eucalyptus Tea
{Relaxing} True Blue Spa
Black Cherry Merlot {just a sip}
{A little} Carried Away
{A walk on a} Moonlight Path
Endless {extra long} Weekend
{In} Pure Paradise
A Thousand {and one more} Wishes


  1. How fun to use the things around you to inspire your writing!

  2. I was trying to find the connection between your placement of words on your first poem & I LOVE that you revealed to us what you were actually thinking by adding the extra I see a much clearer picture and it is funny and adorable! Love it! Very creative!

  3. I could almost smell all those fragrances (I think they're in my cabinet too). Great idea. Love how you created the suspense and then gave your thoughts. Love ya, Mom

  4. How creative, Michelle! The first poem had me lost in my own mental images and the second had me involved in story. Way to grow yourself as a writer!

  5. Another creative slice Michelle! I can relate to the B&BW supply! My shower has more choices than a store :-). Xoxo

  6. Soap poetry. Creative. Poetry hides everywhere.

  7. You are so creative - and I leave this slice with such lovely things to think about, too!

  8. When you look around, you discover poetry. What a fun poem for today!

  9. Pretty clever! Hoping you have a trip like this on the calendar!

  10. I often love trying new techniques to stretch me as a writer, and a thinker. This is a fun an inventive way to observe and write connections. Thanks!

  11. Very clever! I'm in awe of your talent!! I'm predicting I'll see my products in a new way when I shower tomorrow. :)

  12. You are so creative.

  13. I agree - I wish I could smell this poem. :) What a great idea!


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