Sunday, March 22, 2015

{#sol15} another bike ride 22/31

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Only the second day of spring
and it was chillier than we wished.
Yet we enjoyed the sunshine
and the cool breeze
all before a blast of winter
reappears in another day.

Another trail-a-bike ride
through the forest preserve
much farther than we've gone before.
We pushed and pedaled together
up, up, up and down hills
around the many ponds.

It was a workout with the
extra weight of the girls
even though I wanted to complain
I pushed forward and enjoyed
hearing every muscle scream 
over the eleven mile trek.

And the girls were biking rock stars
pedaling more than ever
almost "running out of energy"
wanting to just turn around
but. kept. on. going.
because of the promise.

The promise of a stop on our
way back home on the trail
at the aqua blue park
where all their energy was
instantly renewed once 
we arrived to play.

A perfect bike ride before
winter briefly returns
and the bikes will be 
forced to hide in waiting until
the sunshine and cool breeze returns,
and we all slept a little better last night.


  1. Next weekend the bike comes out! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Oh how you make me want to spend all day outside!!! I love this picture too! Can't wait til Spring weather is here to stay!

  3. "We pushed and pedaled together
    up, up, up and down hillsI "
    Bike riding offers a lovely pace for this poem. I can feel the effort and the joy in your words.H

    Hope the winter chill is on its way out for you. I was checking weather across the country. It seems to be warming up! Fingers crossed! Love that picture of your girls.

  4. I appreciate the way you crafted this post! Glad you were able to sneak in a bike ride with your girls!

  5. A perfect bike ride. I am sure the warm weather will return soon and you can continue your new family activity.

  6. I love what you did with the photo.
    You are a beautiful writer, Michelle.

  7. Wonderful pairing of poem and photo. What digital tool did you use for that. In my post today, I am showing different combinations for a photo I took to prepare for the Gallery of Winter Whisperings.

    1. Carol, I used the app Waterlogue to create the watercolor picture.

  8. Right on! I'm sorry the weather cut short any other rides in the near future ;) It sounds like ya'll have a beautiful place to ride around!

  9. Sounds like a great day of exercise and family time. Love how you captured it in poetry form.

  10. What a fun family day! Our day was deceiving - looked much warmer than what it was. I bet those two beautiful girls sleep well tonight! :)

  11. They are adorable...they can pedal that far??? Amazing... it will be very soon that you will get to come home from school and do some quick rides with the girls in the balmy spring air...seeing the new things greening up all over. xo

    1. We used the trail-a-bikes that hook on to our bikes. We did most of the pedaling and they can help along the way. :)

  12. Michelle, I see that you image has a watercolor approach. Thanks for letting me know about waterlogue.

  13. You go girl 11 miles! What a great way to get in shape and have fun! Girls look too cute...and that is a good think! ;-)

  14. Eleven miles with one behind you is impressive! Keep on pedaling, and may your muscles forgive you soon. The girls are so precious in the beau-ti-ful watercolor. :)

  15. Wow. Eleven miles. I can't wait to read about the rest of your week. Enjoy every minute with your little ones!!

  16. The long ride on Saturday didn't seem to slow them down on Sunday. But I don't think you'll be riding soon with this snow on the ground. Great exercise for all and such a fun family outing. Love ya, Mom


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