Wednesday, March 6, 2013

solsc: winter solitude 6/31

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As I was loading some new tunes on the family iPod this snow day, a memory sparked. Ruth, who slices from the sofa, wrote a poetry slice using her iPod and the titles of songs.  I played with song titles two years ago and as I was thinking about the snowy day, I thought I'd try writing another iPod poem . . .

Just for the day
Ain't no sunshine
Touch of grey
Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow!

Winter wonderland
Baby, it's cold outside
Against the wind
Comfortably numb

All I wanna do
Fall down
Be still
Get up, stand up
Don't worry, be happy

Day is done
Quiet your mind
Perfect day
Silent night
Better tomorrow

One thing remains
This time of year
Seasons of change
I will wait
Say a prayer

This was a fun slice to write!  I hope you try this form of poetry. Select the words, play and move them around to create meaning and your own masterpiece.

Disclaimer: Most of the music on the iPod belongs to my husband.   


  1. Reminds me of Book Spine poetry. Fun!

  2. Delightful! I will get it a try soon.

  3. Love it. I may have students do this today in class. Bet they would have blast with it.

  4. Yes teenagers would be so much better at this than I would! Yours is very cute. :)

  5. What a fun poem! You made me think about how snowy and cold it was and then ending the day with a prayer. Thanks for sharing. Love ya M

  6. Such a good idea! My problem . . . I need some new music on my iPod! Maybe this will inspire me to go out and find some.

  7. That is great!!! I love the familiar songs too.

  8. Excellent playlist and excellent poem idea! I'm definitely going to try this one.

  9. I wonder whether it is easier to play with songs than with book titles. Both are open to possibility to write light or serious poetry. Perfect day, silent night. Cheers to the snow day and your poem.

  10. What a fun idea...our kids would think this is so much fun. I think my second graders would love it. Thank you for searching your memory file. xo

  11. I'm hooked!!! I LOVE this idea! My slice of life tomorrow will be my poem. I hope you stop by and read it. THANK YOU for sharing!

  12. Fun! I am going to share this idea with my students....I can't wait to see what they are able to come up with.

  13. Very clever! I love that you arranged the titles chronologically over a day. Thanks for sharing!

  14. Oh, I love it! I can't wait to try it! It's like another version of book spine poetry.

  15. Fun poem! We were both in the mood for verse today! (PS hubby has a wide range of music - that's great!)

  16. These went together perfectly. I found myself humming along to a few of the tunes. Perhaps now you can compose a we're ready for spring poem. *wink wink*


  17. I found myself playing soundbytes of the songs in my head as I read down the list, almost like flipping through radio stations. Fun.

  18. Ok, just saw your link from somewhere else to come here and read about this....I will especially now that Kevin has combined 1500 songs on his playlist! I agree with Katherine it does remind of book spine poetry!

    1. Thanks for your beautiful, inspiring poem!

  19. What a fun idea! I will have to try this out soon. (Right now I'm on a podcasting kick.)


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