Friday, March 15, 2013

solsc: conversations 15/31

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The conversations overheard between my almost-three year old daughters are a riot.  I seriously need to have my phone ready to record these ever-growing talks because they are simply priceless.

Yesterday's conversation in the car after school was no exception.

A little back story:  My husband has somewhat of an obsession with Jeep Wranglers.  The girls knew at an early age about Jeeps and can spot them anywhere on the roads:  always noting the color and determining if there is a wheel cover and what's on it, hoping there is a smiley face guy on it.  M. recently told me after spotting a Jeep without a wheel cover, it was just a regular Jeep.  Regular Jeep.  (Shakin' my head...)  

The purple Jeep with a smiley guy we recently sold.

But today's conversation had a slightly different twist.  My biggest concern?  I am going to hear this conversation again in another thirteen years!!!

"There's a Jeep," M. spotted going in the opposite direction.

"I want a yellow Jeep," P. stated.

"I want a yellow Jeep too," M. agreed.

"Really?  I thought you both wanted a purple Jeep.  Why do you want a yellow Jeep now?"  I inquired trying to continue the conversation.

"Like Papa's," P. responded, and then she continued, "M., I'm going to drive the Jeep and you sit over there (pointing to the passenger seat)."

"Can I drive the Jeep?"  M. asked.

"No," P. said emphatically.

End of conversation.


  1. Oh, yea. You will have lots of those conversations, although I fear they won't end as quietly and decisively as this one :)

  2. Scary! Now who's taking control? Today P - tomorrow M. Good thing they like to share. I'm so glad you are recording these stories - we love them. Love to all M&D

  3. Too funny that they are already planning the car and color. Better start saving now, this will be expensive. :-)

  4. So fun to hear what they have to say about what they already know. The sharing challenges are something else too, aren't they? Thanks, Michelle.

  5. So so cute! Like you will this conversation go in about 13 years?!? Will M be so willing to sit in the passenger seat? Only time will tell ;-)

  6. You may just have to have that phone of yours recording at all times. These precious conversations just pop up out of nowhere, right? It's hard to capture them if you're not prepared. Of course, writing them here is another way of doing it. Your girls are so sweet. They want to be just like Papa. :)

  7. I'm with them! I want a jeep, too. I just don't want to share it with my daughters and I'm still stuck with the big family-mobile. Very cute conversation!

  8. I love the way you share these stories....we get such a lovely glimpse into your life with your family.

  9. The dynamic between sisters is fascinating. Capturing these conversations is priceless. My friend's son once told her that one day he would be driving the car and she would be in the car seat in the back. She was both amused and terrified at the thought of the tables being turned. For a brief moment, he had this perception that as he grew up, his mom would grow down. The minds of little people are magic.


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