Tuesday, March 5, 2013

solsc: testing 101 5/31

March Slice of Life Story Challenge 
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It's quiet 
in this classroom
You'd think no one
was here
No learning conversations 
or laughing and sharing
It's filled with
the silence of
Mouths twitching
Chin rubbing
Head scratching
Nail biting
Feet tapping
Legs swinging
Fingers rapping
Eyes peering up
Smiles of reassurance
Pencils scribbling
Bubble filling
A thinking-hard 
kind of quiet
All trying 
their very best
to pass "the test"


  1. ugh...powerful but so sad. I wish I could say something witty or positive but we are stuck with this heavy burden.

  2. A stressful time for students and teachers. Hang in there and it will soon be completed. Your students will have done their best and passed the test! Love ya M

  3. You "painted" the picture of many rooms I'm sure! And you are right all we can do is give a smile of encouragement . . . I'll be glad when the test is done!

  4. Love the poem, hate the reason.

  5. The beginning made me sad - the idea of a quiet classroom where conversation and talking wasn't allowed. We have spent two weeks (!) giving ACCESS tests to our EL students. Two weeks. I just don't understand.

  6. I am glad the smiles of reassurance were on the list. When the test is over, the sounds of learning can return to the classroom.

  7. I was happy to give lots of compliments to the 4th graders I proctored yesterday - they truly gave their best. Hope my clients are doing the same...

  8. Sigh....it will be over soon, and you will return to normal....

  9. I will think of this poem and find in it a reason to smile while my students jump from learning mode to testing mode this week. Sadly, knowing the pain of the experience is shared may be my only reason to smile at that moment. Well painted.

  10. All of the motion of stress and anxiety- mouths twitching, foot tapping, nail biting- I could picture them in my mind, and they all look the same as my students. And a smile of reassurance is all we can give at that moment. :(

  11. I like Elsie's comment. Great poem! Depressing subject!

  12. You really captured it well, Michelle! So sad, yet so real.

  13. This time of year again. Sigh. I especially love this line.
    A thinking-hard
    kind of quiet
    A perfect description!

  14. Love this. I've been writing many different versions of a poem as I watch my kids during our state testing this week. Hope to have one finished today.

  15. What a great poem!! During testing, I truly miss those "learning conversations" as you aptly named them. Hope this week passes as painlessly as possible and next week finds you and your class immersed in new and wonderful learning conversations!


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