Saturday, March 9, 2013

solsc: saturdays 9/31

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Saturdays are for

. . . not sleeping in, yet.

. . . not rushing out the door to school.

. . . whipping up a stack of hot pancakes for breakfast.

. . . laughing, silliness, dancing, craziness, imagining, happiness.

. . . the luxury of time to play trains, dolls, puzzles around the house.

. . . lots and lots of reading. Books from our shelf and from the library too.

. . . a mid-day special surprise outing.  Daddy always comes up with an adventure.

. . . slowing down life and trying not to stress-worry-overthink about the busyness of the week.

Saturdays are for family.

What are your Saturdays for?


  1. Our Saturdays are for sleeping in and late breakfasts, for the market and sports, our Saturdays are for making art and market runs and library trips, playing with the dog and lounging with good books, mother son time while dad works, that's our Saturday today.

  2. Our Saturdays are spent quietly, after the busy-ness of the week. They are for helping mom get her errands done, for reading and chatting - with my husband and mom in person and with the kids on the phone - while the laundry gets done. Saturdays here are not what I'd call exciting, but we welcome the change of pace with open arms.

  3. Yes, Saturdays are for family. And, I'm sure Daddy will come up with something fun to do. I really like the line about slowing down.... You need to unwind after a hectic week of rushing and to enjoy the girls (and take time for yourself!) Have a wonderful Saturday. Love ya M

  4. You have wonderful Saturday mornings. Cherish them and don't let the school work sneak in. (Guilty of the last today, because I will have a very busy week next week)

  5. What a great slice. I smiled with the first line, especially the "yet" on the end. Enjoy your Saturday with family.

  6. My Saturday are hopefully for catching up on sleep & rest! :) I hope you had a great Saturday! --jee young

  7. I swear I didn't read your post first, and then I wrote about Saturdays, too! Mine feel more stressed than yours! Fun to picture the girls reading and playing and dancing all over the house. Enjoy!!

  8. What a beautiful post, both the words, and the visual organization! I love Saturdays... today, however, I am supposed to be with my family, but had to cancel my trip to visit them because I was struck with some version of the flu yesterday. So, this Saturday, is for rest and recovery, and reading blogs and posting comments. :) Enjoy your family day!

  9. Michelle your posts always makes me yearn for the days (Saturdays) of yesteryear. Enjoy them!

  10. Saturdays are for having coffee of breakfast with friends, shopping, reading and relaxing with a good book by the window.

  11. Thanks for asking Michelle. Yours sounds a lot like mine. It made me so down and realize my day is not lazy and wasted---it is quality family time! You inspired my post today.thanks :)

  12. Your Saturdays sound loverly! Today my Saturday was for grocery store, then cleaning, and lots of shoveling, because we are having kind of a minor blizzard! Enjoy those girlies- pretty soon Saturday will be for sports and school activities! Those are lots of fun too, but a little more rushed!

  13. Saturdays at your house bring back memories of Saturdays at our house when the kids were little. I used to love when they would all pile into bed with us and snuggle and giggle. It wasn't too long ago that they were all home from college and they jumped into bed with us on a Saturday morning. Believe it or not, everyone fit, although it was a bit crowded. :)


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