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solsc: wake up 4/31

March Slice of Life Story Challenge 
hosted at the Two Writing Teachers
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Saturday morning the girls woke up earlier than usual, around 6:15 am.  After our transition to the big beds, the sun appeared to be making her entrance earlier and earlier in the morning allowing my daughters to think it was time to rise and shine.

That is something I love about spring and summer days - longer, sunshine days; however, not when I'm hoping and praying that my two little ones stay in their big beds until I'm up and ready to go!  (This additional "freedom" makes me anxious!  Perhaps the upcoming time change will help them sleep just a little bit longer.)

I am not a morning person.  I wish I was.  Sometimes I pretend I am.  I'll get up early to exercise, read in the peace and quiet, take a long, hot shower.  All before my precious darlings decide to rise and shine.

This happens on occasion -- but definitely not on the weekend!  

As I heard the soft voices over the monitor, I rolled over to squint at the clock.  Their conversations are priceless.  

Then P. started yelling, "I got BOOGERS!" 

It didn't appear that she was going to let this go as she repeatedly screamed her situation over and over, so I scrambled out of bed and quietly entered the girls' room.  

"Good morning. What's the matter, P.?"

"Mommy, I got boogers," P. responded as she lifted up her nose to me.

As I wiped some boogers, M. asked, "Momma, is it time to wake up?"

"Oh, not yet honey.  I still need to jump in the shower."

"Don't jump Mommy!  You will get hurt!" P. interrupted.

"Momma, can it be time to wake up?"  M. questioned.

"Lay down a little bit longer.  Please let me jump -- um, go take a shower.  You can talk for a couple minutes in your big beds," I requested with my fingers crossed.

Thankfully, they both agreed.

I quickly left the room and took a deep breath admiring the peace and quiet in their room.  I grabbed the monitor and jumped in the shower.  

The excitement of a new day dawning had begun.  Within minutes, my quiet little angels began to stomp and bang and sing and shout.

It was time to wake up!


  1. Love that you are writing these vignettes. My little darlings are between 10 and 16 and the conversations have changed. You are reminding me of some funny things they have said. Thank you.

  2. Lord have mercy, this made me laugh out loud.

    Then P. started yelling, "I got BOOGERS!"

    Love this age!

  3. Isn't it wonderful . . . their conversations, their honesty! I agree...I love this age!

  4. I love P's comment: "Don't jump Mommy, you'll get hurt". So protective and caring. I guess you didn't inherit the "early morning" gene from Grandpa like I did! Cherish these moments for they will pass so quickly. Hugs to all of you. Love M

  5. BOOGERS! :) They are so precious!

  6. There are perks about twins---they can talk and play with each other. My little K says "Is it wake up time mommy? I wanna read you a book but it is dark in here." To which I reply, "I know it is dark, that means we are supposed to be sleeping!" I don't get much peace when I shower either. So I know that is something a mommy savors.

  7. The line about boogers was just priceless - oh, the things they say!

  8. Isn't it great that you are recording these priceless conversations?
    I thought at some point in my life that I would never get to sleep on Saturday mornings. Now the teenagers can sleep through a day, and Mimm savors her time in bed as much as I do. The only early bird in my entire family is my dad, but he doesn't live with us.

  9. Those monitors are such a handy tool. Even though it was earlier than desired, it was a sweet beginning to the day.

  10. Hysterical. I love kids conversations. You never know what is going to come out of their mouths. You have to keep sharing these

  11. "Don't jump Mommy! You will get hurt!" P. interrupted.
    LOVE THAT LINE! Classic toddler literal read of language.

  12. The transition to big beds is always an adventure. There's a new freedom when the beds have no sides. I remember when my kids wouldn't sleep past sunrise. Now only the smell of bacon will bring them out of their beds before noon. By the time you no longer need to be a morning person your kids will have you trained to get up at sunrise...then they'll sleep in until noon.


  13. I bet you catch a lot of fun interactions between the girls via the monitors. I am glad that the toddler beds are still working well, with the exception of the sun rousing them!

  14. Everything Cathy said. My boys get up at noon on weekends and get mad at me if I make too much noise before that! Savor these oh so special moments!

  15. I love it--as if "Mommy I got BOOGERS," is an invitation. It sounds like this transition is going well, despite the sunshine not cooperating.

  16. As Christy said, I love how the boogers were her invitation to spend time with you. :)


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