Sunday, March 24, 2013

solsc: a hunting we will go 24/31

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My daughters and I braved the chill in the air and attended our first ever outdoor Easter egg hunt.  A beautiful sunny day that warmed up enough to be outside for a minimal length of time.  My husband's mom, Nana, invited us to her neighborhood for an egg hunt.

As we drove across town, I talked with the girls about where we were going -- the school where Daddy went when we was little, and about the hunt for eggs to put in their bunny baskets.

"How many eggs do you think you will find?" I questioned the girls.

"I don't know," P. responded.

"Well, let's try to find at least five," not really knowing how many kids would be there and how many eggs would be available.

We arrived at the Easter egg hunt location to see a handful of participants and hundreds of brightly colored plastic Easter eggs scattered about the playground.

"Well, I'm thinking we can go for at least ten eggs girls.  Okay?  Let's find ten."

P. with her full basket
in her movie star glasses.
There were plenty of eggs for all the kids.  Nana followed closely behind P. as she grabbed every egg in sight, filling up her basket, exceeding the limit, of course, because Nana's not going to be the one to say no.

M. searching for the candy.
I walked with M. as she carefully selected her choice of eggs.  Then I noticed she was grabbing candy from eggs that had cracked open.  M. was hoarding candy in her little bitty hands.  (I never did mention what might be inside the eggs.)

As I counted and recounted exactly how many more eggs she could gather, M. continued on her mission.  She started opening the eggs, taking out the candy, and proceeded to drop the empty, opened eggs. (I guess this was one way around my "number of eggs" rule.)

My almost-three year olds, who rarely-almost never get candy, knew that candy was good and wanted in mass quantity.  All in all, it was an adventure to watch the spirit and smarts of my two girls come alive and accomplish the task in two different ways.  


  1. I always wonder why we fill those eggs with anything! Kids would be happy just to hunt, no? Or fill them with pennies and notes of love, messages of springtime hope, and perhaps messages of the season? I say all this, and yet your post makes me remember some wonderful neighborhood hunts with eggs color coded (half blue half pink) so that every child would get the same amount of eggs at the end! Sigh...

  2. Love the tiny details that reveal so much. I remember those days.

  3. Aww, this is precious. Love the joy of finding out what hides in those Easter Eggs!

  4. So much fun to read about how they approached the hunt differently...hopefully next weekend we will be able to get to's funny how they knew to get the candy out!

  5. How is it that they knew candy is good? So so cute love the pics.... And by the way my first post did not link up thanks for looking out for me :-))

  6. This made me kids loved egg hunts! The pictures were so adorable, Michelle!

  7. I love how the found a way around your limits, yet good or you for letting them enjoy the moment! Happy Easter!

  8. Amazing how fast the little ones "get" it, Michelle. Looks like a fun learning time for all of you. Love those animal hats-they are so cute!

  9. They quickly learn that something good comes in small packages. P - ever the caution one and M - taking care of business. Glad you had fun and found lots of eggs. Can't wait to get some lovin' from y'all. Love ya M

  10. Two very cute girls! Love M's strategy! Forget the plastic eggs, just go for the good stuff!

  11. A "first" for your girls preserved forever. Sounds like they knew what to do and how to go about it.

  12. A sunny day and lots of easter eggs - a successful hunt. It was fun to read how your girls approached the task differently.


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