Monday, March 11, 2013

solsc: middle of the night 11/31

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The girls have been sleeping in their big beds for an entire week -- with no problems!  What were we so worried about?  (Oh, wait.  That list is long!)  The three stuffed animal rule has worked and we have yet to even take away one animal for climbing out of bed, and they have continued to sleep through the night.

As my hubby and I laid in bed after a successful week of big bed sleeping, we admired how well the transition occurred.

"Can you even believe it?"

"We are so lucky.  Our girls are so good."

And then we heard a whisper over the monitor.

"Mommy, I have tinkle."

We froze.  We stopped talking.  We waited.  We stared wondering:  Did they hear our elated conversation?  Or was someone talking in their sleep?  Did we just jinx ourselves?

Then, a moment later, a little louder, "I got tinkle, Momm-eeee."  She repeated it several more times.  She couldn't be ignored.  I climbed out of bed, slipped on my slippers and hoped that I could sneak her out without waking her sister.

I quietly opened the door to find both my girls standing in bed rubbing their eyes.  I laughed out loud.

"I got tinkle." P. stated again.

Both girls jumped out of their big beds and converged at the door to hug my legs.  M. continued on seeing Daddy in the hallway.

"What you doing Daddy?" M. asked nonchalantly in her perky I'm awake voice and as if no one had been sleeping.

We laughed again and enjoyed the happiness and extra snuggles in the middle of the night.

After diapers were changed, the girls climbed back into bed.  More good night kisses and hugs.  Sweet dreams.  Sleep tight angels.  Love you to the moon and back.  See you in the morning.

Lights off.  Door closed.

I stared at my hubby in the hallway outside their room wondering how it could possibly be that easy.  Again.

But it was.  We were all tucked safe in our beds again within minutes.   They slept the rest of the night -- and so did we.


  1. Pretty amazing! Such good girls!

  2. I meant to say, too, before I hit return, that I loved your pacing and use of dialogue- You really captured the girl's voices!

  3. Love it. You better count your blessings!

  4. Being a mom of twins can't be an easy job. You've been on 'double duty' for a while now, so I'm really happy for you that your girls are making this adjustment so smoothly. I loved the part where you enjoy the snuggles in the middle of the night. :)

  5. I think if they are asking to change "tinkle" diapers it may be ready for big girl pants to go along with the big girl beds!

  6. Here's to more smooth transitions! I had the same thought as Lynn, so maybe this is the next hurdle that won't be too tough. Best of luck!

  7. I agree with Lynn & Elsie - big girl panties - the next step. They are such good girls (even with their moments of non-listening - all a part of growing up). I like the snuggles and good nights. You have been blessed. Love ya M

  8. Another step into big girlhood! I could really hear the girls chat - so bubbly and yet so anxious to please.

  9. Great news! Yes those girls were ready to be big girls. Glad to see that all of your fore-thought is paying off. I love the way you tell us your thinking. As a mom, that is half of our day, what actually takes place and the other half ----our thoughts, questions, wonderings, planning,what-ifs etc

  10. I remember well the feeling of anticipated dread after moving the kids to big-kid beds. Would they go to sleep? Stay in their beds? Get up insanely early? It sounds like it is going really well. I will keep my fingers crossed for you that it continues to go smoothly!

  11. I love the stuffed animal idea. You described it perfectly so all of us could imagine it. Thank goodness for the monitors so they didn't tiptoe in and wake both of you up that way...there were so many nights like that for us...the poking on the chest. xo

  12. I am reliving my experiences with my own daughters from over 20 years ago. I love reading the adventures of your girls and their big girls' beds!! Thanks for allowing me to reminisce!

  13. You have to keep writing your little girl vignettes! You will love sharing them when they grow. I have a couple favorites that you are inspiring me to take back out. I love the rhythm in your writing!


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