Wednesday, March 20, 2013

solsc: wide awake 20/31

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"Why do you think they are still awake?" my husband wondered out loud.

"I dunno.  Do you think your parents gave them pop tonight?"  I jokingly asked.


The girls were talking in bed.  I waited to see if the talking would cease because one of them drifted off to sleep, but it didn't.

I tromped up the stairs once to ask them to quiet down and go to sleep.  I also threatened to take away one of their three stuffed animals. (Even though the original purpose of the stuffed animals was to keep them in their beds . . . but we have yet to take away an animal for getting out of bed, so I had to try it.)

"Love you angels. Now go nigh-night," I whispered.

"Okay, Momma."  I walked out the door, down the stairs, and the talking started again.

After about fifteen more minutes of laughter and now singing, "Daddy, your turn!"  I yelled to my husband.

He clomped up the stairs (purposely making as much noise as he could) and talked with girls again. Threatened again of seizing a stuffed animal and then more kisses, another hug, serious tucking, and a "good night angels."

After about fifteen more minutes, "Do you want me to go up again?" my husband asked.

It was my turn.  I know what it's like when you lay in bed wide awake.  I couldn't make them go to sleep, but I didn't understand why they were wide awake.

I stomped back up the stairs, turned on the hall light, and opened the bedroom door.

"Girls, did Nana and Papa give you pop to drink?"

"No.  I don't like pop," P. honestly replied.  (The girls have never had pop and that is her usual response when she doesn't want to try something new.)

"It is waaay past your bed time.  You will be so tired tomorrow if you don't go to sleep. This is also the last warning.  If you talk, I will have to take Mickey and Minnie," I instructed.

"Okay, Momma.  I love you."

"I love you too, Momma."

Grrr . . . How can almost-three year olds craft such a response?

"Aw, I love you guys too. -- Now, go to sleep!  No talking!  See you in the morning."

I slowly made my way down the stairs again hoping not to have to take a stuffed animal away.  I purposely went all the way to the basement to switch out the laundry so I would not be able to hear any chatter on the monitor.

To my surprise, after over an hour of talking and the final "this is it," they are sound asleep.

Now, why am I wide awake?


  1. Too funny! My boys used to do this sometimes. I usually finally just gave up and let them go until they wore out (as long as there was no jumping on beds, world wrestling federation, etc.). Yeah they were tired the next day, but they definitely fell asleep easier the next night!

  2. Some nights are like that. I have so many nights when I lay in bed, my mind starts wandering and I don't have anyone to talk to because hubby is fast asleep. Be glad they are just talking and not screaming. Today will be tough, but they should (hopefully) sleep well tonight. Love ya, M

  3. Beautiful (though frustrating) little moment. Enjoy them all.

  4. I always felt that if they were in their rooms and in bed, I didn't care if they were awake! Loved to have them reading themselves to sleep! It's harder when there are two in the same room though.

  5. My two girls share a room as well, though they are older, at seven and four. They have bunk beds and have taking to having "sleep-overs" with each other by sleeping together in one bed. It is very sweet and I love that they want to be close to each other, but it doesn't always work. Sometimes it's more talking, laughing, arguing over sharing the space, etc. than I can take at bed time. But, it's the bond that matters. Sisters are magical!

  6. Funny little ones sometimes just can't fall asleep either... I just kept thinking what will the conversation be like in oh I don't know 10 years??? You may have to hide the monitor by that time ;-)

  7. Even my granddaughters (nearly 4 & 18 months) evidently do this, Michelle-from a baby bed and a single across the room, I hear that some nights they giggle & sing & are silly. Like Robin, it is a loving time, but sometimes my daughter says she separates them & the older goes into another room till sleep, then they carry her back. Every day, a dilemma!
    And, I read your last post too. The 10 year journal sounds like a wonderful record of those small bits. I'm glad you told me about it.

  8. Call me strange, but I did enjoy the sounds of that chatter at they got older, that stopped - they were in their rooms doing homework, or out at practice. Funny the things you miss as your children get older.

  9. Nights like this can be so frustrating. I empathize. I feel like it is all the worse after a long day at work when I'm tired and busy and have a long project list. Hopefully tonight will be better :).

  10. Oh Michelle, I totally get this. The frustration, the wondering why, trying to find a reason, worrying that this is going to become a habit, feeling totally exhausted and simply wanting some time to get your list of things done, or to simply relax! I too have a three year old (not twins, so kudos to you!!), and I am getting much better (slowly but surely) at embracing it. If it's a once in a while thing, I say embrace it. Go in there and be silly, be a little goofy. Or crawl in bed with them. You have tomorrow to do your regular bedtime routine, but the day will come when they aren't going to want to do anything but sleep, and we'll instead be trying desperately to wake them up!

    Thanks for the honest slice!

  11. I think everyone will be sleeping tonight. Love their little smarty remarks... "love you momma!" :)

  12. Love the sounds of your girls trying to fall asleep and thinking how wonderful it is that you were able to capture it here in this written "snapshot" of conversation.


  13. It sounds like you and your husband have a lot of patience and work well as a team. I loved the dialogue of you asking if they had pop.


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