Wednesday, March 30, 2016

{a surprise} 30/31 #sol16

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Yesterday was just another day.  It happened to also be my birthday. A special kind of birthday.

I don't like big surprises.  I did not want a big surprise for my birthday. I warned my family, particularly my husband, Jon.  I. Do. Not. Want. A. Surprise. Of. Any. Kind.

I got a surprise.  And I liked it.

You see, my husband woke up early at 4:39 AM as he usually does on a Tuesday.  He got dressed and said his quick goodbye to go play racquetball. I dozed back asleep.

My alarm buzzed me awake an hour later.  I hit snooze.  No need to get up early on my birthday.

Six o'clock glowed brightly in the darkness.  I dragged myself out of bed and trudged towards the bathroom.  After getting out of the warm shower, I overheard Jon getting the girls up and dressed.  I continued to take my time until they were all ready for the day.  This was a treat -- but not the surprise.

Once we were all dressed, we headed downstairs together. That's when it happened.  I turned the corner into the kitchen and saw this:

Crepe paper decorations, black tablecloth, a big 4-0, special birthday plates, donuts with candles ...

I smiled thinking about how Jon planned this all out.  I could handle this little surprise.  It was the perfect way to start my day that was just another day that happened to be my birthday.

"My fortieth birthday," I smiled and said without an ugh.


  1. That took a lot of forethought and coordination and just the perfect amount of surprise for you! Congrats!

  2. What a fun husband you have! I hope the rest of your day was just as special!

  3. So thankful God made you! Happy Birthday!

    What a sweet surprise!

  4. Just the right surprise and a pleasant way to start your day! Love ya, Mom

  5. What a sweet surprise! And I'm sure your girls were tickled to start their day off in such a fun way. Kudos to Jon for throwing you a surprise party!

  6. Very sweet of your husband. Happy birthday. Really 40s are great years. I am about to turn 50 in January and am looking forward to it.

  7. Wonderful surprise. Sets a great tone for the whole day, and hopefully for a whole year.


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