Friday, March 11, 2016

{she writes} 11/31 #sol16

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Both of my almost six year old daughters fancy themselves as authors and illustrators.  This mindset and understanding has been an ongoing conversation for a long time.  I frequently find them working hard on some writing of notes, lists, labels, stories, or illustrations.  However, one prefers drawing and creating.  The other prefers stories. But I'm so proud of them both!  

The other night after dinner, P. was quietly working at her little white table in the office.

Early the next morning, she returned to the little white table and continued to diligently work.

"P!  Breakfast is ready. What are you working on?" I asked as I walked in the room to find her.

"I started a new book, Mommy."

"Really? What's it about? Can I preview it?"  I wondered with my fingers crossed. Many times I have to wait until her project is complete.

"Okay. But I'm not done yet, you know. It's about us. And getting a pet!"

"Really?! Can you read it to me?" 

© P. Nero 2016

At some point during the last day she started adding an additional page ...

© P. Nero 2016
I can't wait to read her finished copy of her book. This is the formative assessment that would tell me as a teacher so much information.  It's authentic writing. She is writing for her own purpose of sharing a story.  She's motivated and enjoys writing and illustrating.  What a celebration!

On a side note, I'll probably suggest using a question mark at the end of the questions.  She is usually open to new ideas from her editor. Usually ...


  1. Ah that's lovely! I'm also proud of them for writing! My nine year old would definitely write the same plot. She wants a dog so badly.

  2. Super! So much writing. I am happy for you and your girls that they see themselves as authors and illustrators.

  3. Oh my gosh! This is amazing! The celebration should include the pet . . . right???? xoxo

  4. So wonderful for her to have the space and support to see her self as a writing and to share her work! Good going Mom!

  5. Taking after Mom. I am very impressed by her writing abilities and of course, her illustrations to go with it. Thanks for sharing P's slice with us today. Love ya, Mom

  6. Yes... but is she getting a dog!! That's the real question???
    Love it

  7. Kinda reminds me of I Wanna Iguana... she's definitely a writer!

  8. Is this her first slice? Living the writerly life at age 5!
    I hope she shares what the dog's name will be!!!!

  9. Too cute! I hope this is the kind of work she is doing at school too.


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