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{the new home} 6/31 #sol16

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Finding our new home has been a love story, as Terje beautifully stated in her comment a couple days ago.  We were disappointed looking at house after house until we found this home.  

The home went on the market the evening before we first saw it, so there was no lockbox yet.  The owner was there to let us in.  We briefly said hello and he respectfully left to give us space to walk through the home. 

When we first walked into this Colonial style home, it took our breath away.  White.  Super white.  Lots of white.  And good thing, we like white.  It was open and airy and light and bright and, yes, white. 

The main floor boasts beautiful hardwood floors, a circular layout and an open floor plan.  I love being able to look from the kitchen through the dining to the family room, including a beautiful, yes, white fireplace.  Windows fill the rooms letting the sun shine inside.  So many updates and lots of white trim and beautiful custom woodwork. Little details that we love and appreciate.

The upstairs allows for more bedrooms and more bathrooms.  The basement is a blank canvas that will store our boxes as we slowly get settled.  The backyard screams gatherings and playdates.  More space to allow us to grow.  As my husband, Jon, says: "It's our house on steroids."

There is more to this love story besides falling in love with the house.  When we returned that evening to view the house with Jon's parents, we were greeted by the homeowner again.  Of course, with extra people, this provided for additional conversations.

The homeowner, Don, asked if we wanted to know the history of the home.  We were thrilled to learn more about this home that he and his wife built.  His story did not disappoint.  One could easily see how proud he is of his home.  I could see in his eyes his love for every detail and decision into creating this special home.

More conversations, led to more amazing connections.  We quickly learned that my husband went to high school with Don's daughter.  Then we found out that Don's family originally lived in the small town I grew up in, in the neighborhood across the road from my family home.  And then, we found out that Don and his wife are good friends with friends of Jon's parents and that Don also worked with a close family friend!  This big world quickly grew smaller and smaller.  Don said that his wife, Cheryl, would have loved to be apart of this evening that led into a two hour showing.

The next day we returned without the realtor.  Just a knock on the front door.  Don invited us in again and we were able to meet and talk with his wife, Cheryl. Another hour of stories about the home and more details noticed.  The girls were comfortable for their third visit as well.  They gave it their seal of approval.  Jon and I smiled at each other as we walked out the front door.

Little signs that said, "This is it."  It just felt right.  Everything.  And, so, this will be our new home.

Our new home ... with the homeowner's beautiful furnishings. 


  1. Love this story - Tammy's house has a similar story to it. The history is so important and it is wonderful when it just feels right. Enjoy! It is gorgeous.

  2. Wow! Beautiful house- my favorite part is that you know what you like- white :) and you found it. The history is amazing and it is great you get to have that piece of your home too.

  3. I love that you consider your new home a 'love story'. Getting to connect with the owners, hearing the love in their voices about building their home, finding all those life connections - yes, you will love all the white and the openness, but more importantly, you will be in a home that has been loved for a long time.
    What a beautiful house it is!

  4. Wow! Your new home is beautiful! And huge! And white!

    I love the symmetry of Don selling a home he and his wife built and loved, to you and your husband, who also are selling your special history and memories to a new and younger couple. It seems really special that both homes are being passed on in really loving ways.

    And what a bunch of connections!

  5. Wow, wow, wow. So much light and space. A sunshine home. To have the back story and all the connections makes the house even more special. I am very happy for you.

  6. Congratulations! My parents built the house that I grew up in so I was connecting with Don as he shared his "baby" with you. I know how important it was to my parents that, as they downsized a year ago, the new owners would love and care for the house just as they had. It sounds like Don has been able to find just the right buyer who will do that for him.

  7. Michelle, this is just the sort of post I would love to hear from my daughter and son-in-law who are looking for a home in Virginia, outside of D.C. May your family grow up with many blessings in this amazingly beautiful home. White is good! The world is a small place indeed as evidenced by your story. This is your house that was waiting for you all along. Best of luck.

  8. I can relate to your post so well Michelle. My husband and I decided we couldn't stay in our little house any longer early this spring. Our family of 6 had outgrown the 1000 sq ft home with one bathroom years before but it held so many memories that it was hard to leave. We also felt like our new home found us. It was listed for a while before we found it though and I'm still not sure why it didn't see sooner except that maybe it was just waiting for our family. There have been ups and downs in the moving and settling in process for sure, but we have been creating new memories to fill the new house and I'm sure your family will do the same. Good luck with your's overwhelming but so worth it!

  9. What a beautiful story of finding your new home! It really does feel like it was meant to be! It's beautiful!!!

  10. You knew from the first time walking thru this house that it was the one. As you talked with the owners and found out more, you were more confident that this was truly THE ONE. As with our new home, yours is a "God Thing" and along with the young couple who are purchasing your old home. God's hand is working thru both transactions. Love ya, Mom

  11. What a beautiful way to look at your new home! It is just beautiful Michelle! And this BIG world we live in is really quite small with so many connections! Here's to much happiness and gazillion new memories! xoxo

  12. Such a great story of loving your way into a new home. A house is more than 4 walls and it sounds as if your new dwelling with be filled with loads of family, fun and love.

  13. I absolutely love your new home! I'm sure Don and Cheryl, who worked really hard to make that house a home, are thrilled to know your family will love it and maintain it in the same way they always have. What an amazing story, Michelle!

  14. Nice layout, and lovely colours. Our house is a lot of beige, and I keep trying to settle on new colours. It is the thing keeping me from loving the house, I think. (We've been here 2.5 years!)

  15. What a wonderful story. I love how your were able to learn about the home and the people who lived and built it before you. Those connections add to the home. What a small world! What a beautiful house...I'm sure you will make it an even more beautiful home for your family.

  16. What a lovely space - full of light and serenity.

  17. Wonderful! We recently bought a house and I know that feeling of going back to see it again, and again.... Have fun settling in!

  18. I am absolutely jealous of that beautiful house! But even more so of the story. There is something special about passing a home from one family to another. Not just a house, but a home. I believe in the power of places, I hope I can find a good home for my family. It won't be as fancy but I hope it has just as much heart and story. (I think this is a big reason why I can't bear a foreclosure no matter how great of a deal it is.)

  19. Oh, it's so beautiful! And all the connections to the sellers - what a small world. We just sold out home, but I know nothing about the new owners - all our transactions have been with realtors. I wish I could talk to the new people so I could hear about who was moving in, and I could tell them about this house and how much we loved it. What a great story, Michelle!

  20. Simply beautiful! This was meant to be your home. When we talk, we find connections and the world does shrink.

  21. This home was meant to belong to you and your family. It was just waiting for you. Your family - especially the girls - will bring it to life! The stories you are telling about both of your homes are stories to keep and to treasure.

  22. Precious moments. Showers of blessings. God is good.

  23. Love the house preview pics (gorgeous!!!), and the story of how connected you are to the house and the people who built it!


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