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{here, i write} 20/31 #sol16

The March Slice of Life Story Challenge
hosted at the Two Writing Teachers
Join us for a month of writing!

Here, I write.
Boy, life can get in the way of this slice of life story challenge.

I mean, thankfully life provides me with opportunities upon opportunities of stories. There are plenty of stories that can be crafted and shared, but I feel the pressure of time. Some stories need and deserve more of my time. Yet, I'm finding that those stories are staying deep inside. They are not the ones I'm allowing to come to the surface when I'm writing.

Here, I write. Even as I struggle with the story of time.

I also know my rhythm for writing. I like to write in the evening when the girls are asleep. Then reread my draft in the morning before publishing. I like minimal distractions. However, my husband usually falls asleep on the couch and offers his snore in between breaths. And, we've been watching more HGTV as of lately with the new house in mind, so I catch myself watching, instead of focused on my writing.

Here, I write. Even as I struggle with the story of rhythm.

But if I miss a night of evening writing because we have family plans, my rhythm is interrupted ... and I usually don't have time again in the day to write until the next evening. The cycle continues and I here I sit, feeling the pressure to write something, and not necessarily enjoying the process of writing and crafting.

Here, I write. Even as I struggle with the story of interruptions.

My biggest struggle lately is reading slices. The last couple days have been really difficult because of time. Again, I need quiet, uninterrupted time to read, reflect, and leave a thoughtful comment. I want to read your stories -- to laugh with you, to cry with you, to reach out and let you know that you are not alone.

I'm still trying to manage to do it all with grace and a smile.  
Here, I write.


  1. Honey I'm retired and feel this way sometimes, can't even imagine with all you have going on how hard it is sometimes. I like today's quote says ...give myself permission to suck sometimes! :-). Xoxo

  2. You have captured real life. It is a struggle to fit it all in the way we would like & all we can do is our best!

  3. I know how you feel. We juggle. Should we comment more or should we spend time on our own writing. But we need to encourage others so they will read what we right. It is a big circle, but I love being a part of community of writing. We all write.

  4. So hard to manage everything. I can't imagine how you can pull it off with little ones and a husband! Yikes! I love the repetition of the phrase, "Here, I write."

  5. I think each of us struggle with this element called "time" or lack thereof. Right now your plate is full, but yet you do find time to write and share as you can. Don't let it get you down, enjoy what you can do.

  6. Even with the pressure of time you craft beautiful words.

  7. You have captured it so well.


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