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{our home} 5/31 #sol16

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Yesterday, I shared the good news that a new home will be all ours in the coming months.  It was a difficult decision, even after we found a home where we could see a future of our family living in this home, growing in this home, and creating new memories together in this home.  Even though we found the most amazing new home, we wondered.  We doubted.  We questioned. We cried.  And cried.  We prayed.  And prayed.

A big decision is never easy.  

You see, our current home we live in has been in the family for a long time.  My husband's grandfather built our Cape Cod home in 1950.  His mother and aunt grew up in this house.  They are both so proud of what we have accomplished to make it our home. More tears have been shed. "I'd buy it in a heartbeat if I could." Thankfully, they are supportive of any decision we make.

There are memories upon memories filled in this home.  

We made this home our own over the eleven years we have lived here.  My husband stripped wallpaper and painted every room.  My dad, brother, and friends remodeled our kitchen.  We finished our basement.  Many other updates: New roof, new siding, new color, new windows. The location is perfect.

Our daughters were brought home here after they were born at two days old.  This is all they know as their home for the last almost six years.  Yet, we have maxed out our updates and space. And there are still only one and a half baths --

 ... and three girls.

We evaluated our situation.  We knew we wanted more space to continue to grow as a family.  (Let me clarify: no more additional children.) There were options of living in the space and making it work or adding on an addition.  Or a home that would provide us with more space.  We cried (again) over the thought of leaving our home.

After that home found us, we quickly agreed to make an offer.  We scattered for days getting all the right paperwork and signatures.  Anxiously awaited the home inspection.  Everything was moving forward at a fast pace.  We were really going to buy this new home that is less than ten minutes away.

Then all of our attention turned to our right now home.  

It was time to prepare to sell. We delighted in our love for this home. Our prayer is that a family would love it as much as we do.  We are thankful to share that after eight days on the market, lots of showings and an open house, a sweet, young couple ready to purchase their first home, put in an offer after visiting twice.  "I was up all night thinking about this house," she said.  Thank you.  That's all I needed to hear.
Our prayers were answered. 

We are currently in the review process and just had the home inspection.  Anything can still happen.  We pray that all continues to go smoothly as we work through this home buying and home selling process.  Closing dates set in a couple months.

I think about the day, the last day we will drive away from this empty home full of memories.  I tear up.  I wonder if we made the right difficult decision.  But I remind myself that the house has room for so many more new memories.

Just as our new home is waiting for us to create new memories too.


  1. I understand that nervousness, Michelle. As I begin to think of retirement, my husband and I talk about selling our home and moving. Right now, we can't even imagine it.

  2. This is such a big decision. We renovated our current home to give us more space - best thing we ever did! You will love your new place when you get in and begin memory making.

  3. Just remember one year ago when we went thru this same thing. Oh the feelings and questions, but we feel so blessed in our new home and making it ours with lots of new memories to be made. God has a way of taking care of it all. Hugs. Love ya, Mom

  4. The great thing about memories is that you keep the old ones as you make the new ones. What I like best is how you structured this piece-the way you take the reader through the emotions with you.

  5. Aw, I'm tearing up because we're going through the same thing! I'm spending this month writing about memories of our current home; we'll be moving at the beginning of April. We're doing just the opposite of you; we're downsizing. I love the way you structured your slice - it took me through your thoughts and feelings. What a precious little home you had - I love that your prayers were answered. The new young couple will love it and maybe build a family there, like you did. Best wishes!

  6. Best of luck in your new space. Clearly you need it, so it will work out! Hang in there through the nostalgia, but know you are on to bigger things and even more memories!

  7. I love how you write about this new change in your life. It will be ok and I have no doubt that your new house will feel like home quickly. So happy to hear that prayers were answered with the buyers...someone to take good care of your first home.

  8. Creating the new house as a home is going to be exciting. Your girls are old enough to participate now and remeber it in the future.

  9. When change is hard, as it inevitably is for many of us, writing can help us get a handle. Thanks for demonstrating. Best wishes as you and your family move forward.

  10. WOW! Big move indeed. It's nice when prayers and answered the way we hope they will be. (We know this isn't always the case!) :) My parents had to sell my grandmother's house when she passed. It had been inhabited by family since my great grandfather built it. It was hard, but we took the memories, good and bad, with us.

  11. You are so brave to make a change that you needed. Home is where the heart is...Memories can be made wherever you go with your family. Good luck.

  12. Such a sweet slice to honor your little house. You will make the next house just as cozy and comfy. So exciting and bittersweet!

  13. It is an emotional time when you say goodbye to the home you started your marriage in, the home you brought your children home to, a home that has history for your husband's family. We went through this process almost two years ago. When something happens quickly like that I truly believe it's God plan for you. Good luck. A beautiful post, Michelle. Thank you for sharing your journey with us.

  14. I can imagine how difficult the decision must have been but . . . 3 girls need more bathrooms ;-))) I hope to see it when I come in! xoxo

  15. Your slice had me right in the middle of your decision-making process. I appreciated the format of your slice; I appreciated the back-and-forth details; I appreciated your faithfulness; I appreciated your honesty. Moving is hard; making that decision to buy or sell, come or go, is tricky and is a web of other connected decisions, right? I have faith -- everything will work out beautifully for you and yours and for your old house. Write a post about what made you fall in love with your new house and include pictures! Congratulations!

  16. I love that the words, "I was up all night thinking about this house" brought you peace. It sounds like it will be put into the hands of someone who will love it and care for it as you have.

  17. My daughter and son-in-law are thinking of moving. Their home does not have the family connection, but they've been there since marriage, and then the girls, like you. But, they know they too will need more room as the girls grow up. I'm glad you found a wonderful couple to love it, too, Michelle. Best wishes to you. FYI, when we left one house we loved a long time ago, we left a message in a secret place. Is there any part of your home where you could do that? It's nice to think that a little part of us is still there.

  18. About ten years ago, a couple of years after I adopted the boys, we moved out of the house I had loved, loved, loved for over ten years. We have made many new memories in two hours since then. I love the format you are using. I want to try this.

  19. This is a heartwarming tribute to your home and your memories there. Yes! You will make many more memories in your new home. Paul and I are available as "moving crew" when you need us.

  20. I'm happy for you and how it is working out so well.


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