Sunday, March 13, 2016

{a rainy today} 13/31 #sol16

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It was a long, cold rainy day.  Usually, I like the rain.  I like the sound of the pitter patter.  I like the smell of the clean air.  Not today.  Today was a long, cold rainy day.

We eventually ventured out after trying to sleep in with the loss of the hour.  It was a slow morning and we made it to the second much later service at church.  When it was time to leave, there was more rain and chills.

The afternoon was dedicated to picking up and cleaning the house.  One more time for someone else.  It is difficult living in the house you are trying to sell.  One week we lived in super clean pick up mode.  Actually, we enjoyed it! Simple living.  But it was not an easy task.

Thankfully, we received an offer on our house in that first week.  Because you don't really live like this.  Back to real life living.  Some piles here and there.  Shoes by the door.  Using the countertop.  

Until today.  Our home will be appraised tomorrow.  My husband wanted it back in showing condition.  We pray that our home shows well with the updates and there are positive comparables in the neighborhood.  

Fingers crossed this is the last time we are cleaning for someone else.  But for now I relax under a warm blanket listening to the pitter patter and enjoying the Sunday evening rain in my clean and well-picked up home.

There won't be too many more days like that here.  So, now I will enjoy this long, cold rainy day.


  1. Good luck on the appraisal. I know this is nerve wracking. We are about to enter the same stage, soon. At least, I hope so. ;)

  2. Oh how I remember the journey of selling the house! I'm glad you are now able to sit and relax a bit now . . .even though it's almost bed time. Sweet dreams Michelle! Xoxo

  3. Oh it's so hard to keep the house showing clean! We did that for three months while our house was on the market. It's so worth it in the long run but a special kind of torture as you are living it. At least it's almost over for you!

  4. I don't put cleaning house and rainy days together - even though they should really be a perfect combination - I'm with you, I just want to enjoy the sounds and smells and just being quiet and home.

  5. Today was a cold, rainy day! The good news is that tomorrow will come and go in the blink of an eye and your appraisal will be over! You'll be one step closer to moving in to your new home!

  6. Praying that the appraisal phase goes well. Then you can move one step closer to the Big Move! So happy to got to snuggle under a blanket and enjoy some of the pitter pat of the rain drops. Love ya, Mom

  7. I have a feeling that everything will work out just fine. Glad you could relax under your warm blanket and listen to the falling rain. It sounds like a perfect way to end a long/shorter day.

  8. Rainy days can slow things down. Glad you had time under your blanket to breathe it in.


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