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{without interruption} 3/31 #sol18


The March Slice of Life Story Challenge
hosted at the Two Writing Teachers.
Join us for a month of writing!

Thursday nights are dedicated to gymnastics class for my daughters. We spend the evening at the local YMCA from 5 to 7:45 pm. It's also my special one-on-one time with each of my girls. They have class at different times, so this has allowed me the opportunity to be present with only one of my daughters at a time. Without sister interruptions.

I had already shared with my girls that I was participating in the March Slice of Life challenge again this year and that the goal is to write every day of the month.

"What will you write about every day?" M. wondered out loud.

"Little stories from our day. I wrote a slice on Tuesday about Harley and taking her for a walk. I'll write about school and I'm sure there will be a slice or two about you guys!"

"Really?" They questioned in unison.

That night at the YMCA, as P. and I were finishing up our light dinner at the cafe, I opened up my laptop.

"Can I share with you my slice about Harley?" I asked.
"Okay," P. responded.

I read my slice to her. I thoroughly enjoyed reading my writing out loud. It's how I read it in my head, when I write it, but hearing it out loud -- the words just danced off the page and into my ears! (Believe me ... Go and try it with your own writing!)

"Wow. That's good, Mom. I like how you wrote the two sides and the talking in the middle. What else did you write? Can we read more?" P. inquired.

I scrolled down the blog. The very next slice was about this very exact moment: our one-on-one time -- {time together}. Again, I read it out loud and after I read the line: "Without sister interruptions ..."

She quickly interrupted, "Uh-huh. That's true." Shaking her head in agreement.

This time together means something to both of us. And I love that.


  1. That's so wonderful to share your slices with your kids. Such great modeling for writing in the real world.

  2. I can connect with this on so many levels. I cherish my one on one time with my two children as well. While my daughter plays hockey, my son and I sometimes go for a walk. While he plays golf, my daughter and I sit in the sun and chat. Life is so busy; I love to have time to slow down with each of them. Thank you for sharing. :)

  3. I like the way you shared the narrative between you and your daughter. They way you are so authentically you with your girls is a gift that will return from them in the future. The way your daughter responded to your writing speaks volumes about her curiosity and empathy. How exciting!

  4. We write sometimes as a family, and it is SO fun to hear the reflections they come up with when they write slices. I love how you share it with the girls, that you make time to have individual time, and I love the way you circle around to a closure in your writing. So fun to read.

  5. These kind of moments are magical - one-to-one time and sharing your writing. I hope you'll have many more moments like this during March and later.

  6. I like this little follow-up to your post about one on one time with the girls on Thursdays. I knew they would appreciate it too, but it's nice to hear the confirmation, I'll bet.

  7. I love the one-on-one time too. My daughter and I often go grocery shopping together, which isn't very exciting, but we like it! When it is my son's turn to go, he has just as much fun!

  8. Special moments with each of the girls. Enjoy them and relish them and they will do the same. Reading them your slices can only reinforce to them how important it is to write and share. And, yes, it makes the words come alive! Love ya, Mom

  9. Michelle,
    I so enjoyed reading your post I also have two daughters. I’m currently spending the weekend in Atlanta with one and I spent the last weekend in Charleston SC with other. We’re having a great time. One on one time is so valuable!

  10. What a special time! Even though it's unbelievable to me, that they are 8. It feels like you were just writing slices about potty training!


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