Wednesday, March 28, 2018

{graphic novel readers} 28/31 #sol18


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My almost eight year old girls are swimming in the seas of graphic novels. They started with the popular "classics" of Smile and Sisters. I read these books years ago, but cannot recall the details of the content. I wonder if it's appropriate for second graders, but I understand that some things will just go over their heads. I decided I better reread these books, but also thought about introducing them to another graphic novel series I thought they would enjoy: Babymouse.

I brought home the first five books in the series and Peyton devoured three of them in two days. I agreed to bring home the rest of the series -- all 20 of them -- for spring break. She finds pockets of time to read and she told me tonight that she only has three books left to read in the series.

I teased her, "So, when someone asks you what you did over spring break, you can tell them you read all 20 books in the Babymouse series!"

"Yeah. I wonder what series I should read next," she pondered.

"Well, I also brought home the Bad Guys series and you started The Babysitter's Club graphic novel series too. You could also read something that is not a graphic novel ..." I suggested.

"Nah. I'm really liking graphic novels now," she stated matter-of-factly.

That's what I love to hear: A reader who knows what she wants to read and is already thinking about her next book.


  1. My seventh graders, even the ones that don't read, LOVE graphic novels. I can't keep them on the shelf-- they read them, take them home, hide them in their lockers-- it's wonderful and terrible at the same time! I'm so glad your girls are becoming readers. Have they tried the LUNCH LADY series?

  2. I can definitely see their Mother in these pictures - not only the reading, but the resemblance as well. Such a great trait that you are encouraging them to follow. Love ya'll, Mom

  3. Ooh! So fun to have passionate graphic novel readers! What about Ben Hatke's Zita the Spacegirl series and of course Judd Winick's HiLo? Those aren't long series, though. Lunch Lady is a good idea. Maybe the Amulet series? Squish series (also by Holm). Sorry, just can't stop bookmatchmaking sometimes!!

  4. What a voracious reader! Of course Miss P has a reading plan :) I'm wondering what her sister is reading (or creating). I just bought two Narwal and Jelly books by Ben Clanton. DogMan is a big hit in my room this year.

  5. Your little girl is a self-directed reader, knowing her self, setting goals. Way to go! Graphic novels have hooked several boys who considered them selves non-readers.

  6. I love that you are letter her read them! And as many as she wants. It always hurts when I hear a parent tell a child not to read another graphic novel.

  7. My son is in his first year of teaching and has third graders. He was talking about the way his kids devour a series. His kids will be excited to hear he just received the newest Bad Guys in the mail over spring break. We smiled over the fact that series books seem to be the hook that gets them every time. I think you have a reader on your hands.


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