Friday, March 9, 2018

{piece of life} 9/31 #sol18


The March Slice of Life Story Challenge
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During our Thursday night one-on-one time, I shared with my other daughter, M., some of my writing. I shared my latest slice about our puppy Harley.

"What else do you write about?" M. wondered as I scrolled through my blog.

"Meeting new friends, another slice about Harley. Oh, here's one about our mornings." I read aloud that slice to her.

"I like it. When are you going to write another slice about us?" She asked as she opened up her folder.

I smiled, took out my notebook, and drafted a slice as she quietly worked on homework. I was also doing my research and asking her questions.

"Are you writing a piece of life about us?" She inquired after answering my questions.

I smiled. "Yep, because you're a big piece of my life."

"I mean, slice of life," she responded, smiling back at me, figuring out my teasing.

I asked M. if I could read what I wrote and if she could provide feedback to me -- "as in, you get to be the teacher." She smiled and listened intently. When I finished, she clapped her hands with excitement.

"Well? Any other feedback? Anything you think I need to add or change?" I asked.

"Nope. It's perfect. Are you going to add the pictures?" She wondered.

"That is a great suggestion. Thank you!"

I love that my two daughters are a big PIECE of my life ... that provide many slices as well!

Stay tuned! Tomorrow I'll share that slice I crafted with M.'s feedback!


  1. Loved this use of dialogue, I felt like I was in the conversation. I'll have to check back tomorrow to read that slice. Often, I find myself using "pieces" of my life, too.

    I have a puppy named Harlow (so close to your puppy's name). I'll have to find that slice, too. :)

  2. I love the image of you and your daughter working together at the table!

  3. This is so cute. But I remember that first year when they were babies! And now they are helping you craft slices! Wowza

  4. I love how you daughter was your writing partner! :) Our poor kids never get a break from school, do they? LOL

  5. Keep capturing these moments. The story of together, the story of sharing your writing life , the story of the most important pieces of your life - beautiful.

  6. So cute! I love that she was giving you suggestions! She sounds so sweet, and I love that you're sharing your writing life with her!

  7. I'm sure M has given you some great ideas and encouragement. Can't wait to read tomorrow's slice. I'm sure M & P are delighted that you are sharing them in your writing. Love ya'll, Mom

  8. I love that the girls are showing up so often in your slices! And the way that the dialogue makes them come to life! I'm hoping there really will be pictures tomorrow.


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