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{I still need to write} 6/31 #sol18


The March Slice of Life Story Challenge
hosted at the Two Writing Teachers.
Join us for a month of writing!

I usually write at night. Then the next morning, I take a few minutes to review, revise, edit, and publish. I like to be a day ahead during this challenge. Because, well, life is busy, and this relieves any of the "I still need to write today" thoughts.

Well, I still need to write today.

Last night after dinner, dishes, homework, and the girls were tucked into bed, it was finally time for me and some writing.

"Hey, do you want to watch the episode of This is Us that we missed?" My husband, Jon, asked.

Without hesitating, "Yea, that's a good idea." We have not had a quiet night together in some time. Also, knowing that he would fall asleep mid-way through the show would allow me about an hour or so before bedtime to write and read some slices.

I know I still need to write today.

Mid-way through, I looked over to Jon and sure enough, his eyes were closed. I'll give it a couple more minutes. Then, the next thing I know, my eyes were heavy and slowly closing. There was not a chance I would maintain a moment for writing. It would have to wait until tomorrow.

Ugh. I still need to write today.

As I climbed into bed, I scribbled a few notes and words on several yellow sticky notes to hold an idea that I was drafting in my head.

Morning arrived and today I had to be up early. No option to hit the snooze button. Everybody in the house needed to be up and moving because I had to leave early to head to a conference with my friend, Chris.

No time to type up my words from the yellow sticky notes. Those sticky notes sit on my laptop, staring at me, waiting to be recorded in today's slice.

And here I sit at my conference and right in front of me is Ruth. The one person who nudged me seven years ago to start this blog and write. To join in, write on Tuesdays and write every day during the March writing challenge.

Here I am being asked by Ruth to just write.

I wrote my slice today. Minus the words from those yellow sticky notes.


  1. I love the repetition of I still need to write today. Don't we all have days like that? Especially during this month but you showed that sometimes waiting until you find the perfect thing to write about is the best solution.

  2. Your post represents the true challenge of writing every day for busy parents. Sometimes it is hard and other times it is very hard to find even a few minutes to write.But, then we remember we can and in fact we "must" write in order to process andremember.

  3. You wrote! Many days just like that ... we still can find solace in some words and stories.

  4. That’s what I love about the challenge. It’s easy to skip writing, but in March we don’t!

  5. Glad you wrote and got to the conference. I'm hoping we'll be reading about the conference and your visit with Ruth. Some days it's not that we don't have anything to write about, but we just don't have (or take) the time. Love ya, Mom

  6. I like this post and the "I still need to write today" mantra. I think this is a universal post--we've all had this happen at some point during March. And I'm still jealous that you were sitting in a room listening to Ruth :)

  7. Now that's a special day! Those post-its will be waiting for another day, this day was calling and just perfect.

  8. "just write" - such a simple phrase and idea, but sometimes I allow life to get in the way. I'm trying hard this month to remember that life doesn't have to get in the way of writing; I should be writing about life.
    Love that you got to sit near Ruth - always an inspiration!


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