Friday, March 16, 2018

{Today I} 16/31 #sol18


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{16 small moments from my day}

Today I ...
  • started the day hitting the snooze button and sleeping in an extra 20 minutes
  •  celebrated NOT having to make two lunches because the girls requested shamrock-shaped chicken nuggets for hot lunch
  • walked the dog a mile through the neighborhood after the girls were picked up by the bus
  • paid a fine at the library for overdue books because that's what happens when you check out lots and lots of books
  • administered the third math PARCC assessment to a small group of students and they worked hard
  • enjoyed a slow lunch reading slices and commenting, but not reading nearly as many as I hoped
  • continued PARCC with a student with extended time because she was still working hard
  • laughed with my colleagues because sometimes laughter is the best medicine
  • let the dog out after school and sadly returned her to her crate, but told her: Daddy will be home soon
  • picked up the girls and headed to the YMCA for gymnastics classes
  • enjoyed dinner that I didn't have to make and a bonus piece of cake for the cafe's 5 year anniversary celebration
  • read aloud a book to each of my girls, but both choosing a different book to read together
  • visited the Usborne book sale with no intention of buying books, but ended up with eight books ...
  • including a little gift for my school's social worker and psychologist because they deserve a special book
  • honored the quiet time to write this slice while M. read the book Smile independently, while sharing snippets of the story with me
  • ended the night snuggled on the couch to watch an episode of This is Us because it's been a long, crazy week
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  1. I enjoyed this format of writing about small moments from your day. I connected to many of your items... I also so appreciate not have to make my kids lunches when they choose lunch at school. You reminded me to laugh more with colleagues. Our work is so HARD... we have to just laugh out loud sometimes. :)

  2. When we break down our days into these moments there's so much that we do! You are one busy person! I like that you took some quiet time- that's always important :)

  3. So Dad and I were wondering who you have inherited "hitting the snooze button" from? So many good things that happen in a day! Enjoy each moment! Love ya, Mom

  4. What a good day. It's nice to sit down and just record the little moments that happen. You found JOY in all of them

  5. Great way to capture a day. One line made me wonder: is it ever possible to go somewhere with an intention not to buy books and really stick to it?

  6. Your very last words (ok, maybe Pinterest words but you know what I mean!) say it all - every moment matters! What a busy day. I'm exhausted and I only read about it.

  7. Sounds like a very full day! I need to finish my slice before I can crash on the couch. I can't wait.

  8. I love the idea of capturing the many small slices throughout our day into one post, especially when it is a busy day like this sounds like!

    I never get to read as many Slices during the day as I'd like!

  9. I like this format.... It made an enjoyable story to read! But wow, what a busy day! :-) ~JudyK

  10. What a full day! And I bet you left out a few items. I hope you have a calmer day today, but somehow I doubt it.

  11. Every moment matters...and it sounds like you made the most of every moment of your day. Whew! Sometimes it's hard to believe all we squeeze into a day. I can tell you're a reader as look how much of your day was around books. ;o)

    Oh, and thanks for the reminder that I need to get caught up on "This is Us."


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