Wednesday, March 21, 2018

{hope} 21/31 #sol18


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Yesterday was the first day of spring.
But it didn't feel like it.

My winter coat is still an every day fixture.
Along with my hat and gloves.

The air was cold. The wind biting.
The sun barely squeezing through the clouds.

I can't shake the chill. My hands are ice cold.
And, to be quite honest, I'm a bit crabby.

Yet, I stop and take in my view as I walk the dog
around the two lakes in our neighborhood.

The bare trees. The brown grass. The gray sky. The sun trying.
The promise of more is in the glow behind those clouds.

Yesterday was the first day of spring.
Maybe today it will feel like it.



  1. I am also (im)patiently waiting for Spring. It has to come soon... right?

  2. We're basking in sunshine today and hopefully warmer temps. Yes, spring is just around the corner - it's just taking it's time. Be patient and enjoy the new birth of all that you see. Love you, Mom

  3. Today is cold in Connecticut and there's a big storm on the way. I have my coat on, and it's not going anywhere. There's hope, but it's not for tomorrow.

  4. I had the same thoughts, Michelle, which you turned into this beautiful piece. It is quite cold here in NY. Beautiful picture!

  5. I can't even get excited about spring yet. We have a promise of 5-8 inches of snow Friday night into Saturday morning

  6. Sorry spring is hiding behind those clouds. Love the picture. Hopefully your winter coat will not be an everyday fixture soon.

  7. I'm sitting here watching the snow fall outside my window, knowing that, someday soon, I'll have this window open and the warm breeze will filter in . . . I can't wait either!


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