Monday, April 14, 2014

{celebrate}: this week

I'm here to {celebrate} with Ruth Ayres and YOU!
Finding the little moments of joy in life.

Today I am celebrating.

{successful practices}
My girls are taking swim lessons and hockey tot (ice skating) lessons.  Both evenings this week as we rushed from school to home to eat to back out the door, they said, "We don't want to go."  Yet, we encouraged and attended both practices with huge successes this week in the pool and on the ice!

{a birthday}
My husband celebrated a birthday this week.  This year we agreed that we wouldn't exchange cards or gifts because, quite honestly, we have all that we need or ever wanted.  But I still wanted to give him something, so I wrote him a little something that he truly appreciated and teared up reading it.

{reading moments}
This week I celebrated some book reading love by sharing a special reading moment.  And that love spread to some of my students and they shared a special reading moment too.  (If you have a moment, I know they would appreciate your comments!)  It was pure delight to hear their stories in their own words.  My absolute favorite conclusion to a reading moment:  That's the truth.  I am a book reader.

{sleeping babies}
As I sat on the couch, late in the evening, reflecting on this week, I heard my girls laughing and talking in the monitor.  It was almost two hours past their usual bedtime and we have a busy day on Saturday.  Maybe it was all the fresh air and exercise we got Friday evening playing outside.  We tucked and re-tucked.  We spoke softly and a little louder.  We encouraged and we (sadly) punished with threatening to take away toys.    

Finally, one last time, I went up to their room, laid down on the floor, and told them a made up little story about two little girls who were sisters that loved each other very much. "Mommy, that's us!"  It was an amazing moment to have their full (quiet!) attention.  After I finished the story, we all laid there quietly.  I celebrated my storytelling skills -- something that I have never really tried before, but enjoyed it immensely.   

As I prayed for peace and sleep for the girls, they finally fell asleep.  I celebrated that the majority of nights, the girls go to sleep quickly and without a struggle.  Even in the scheme of life, this was not the big deal we made it seem.  But I'm celebrating my sleeping girls right now with hopes of sleeping in. (Note to reader: They did not sleep in this morning, but are in a happy mood. Hope that lasts throughout our busy day.)


Thank you for stopping by and celebrating this week with me.  When I take time each week to celebrate, I realize there are so many other little moments of celebration that happen during the week.  I'm grateful for this opportunity to celebrate with you. 


  1. I had fun commenting on all your students' blog posts about reading memories. I hope I got them all! What a great prompt!

  2. I like the headings you put before each celebration. I may have to try that too. Another good week with moments to celebrate.

  3. I love the idea of writing about a reading moment and having students blog their moments too. Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. Sleeping babies...mmm...
    I love the feeling of everyone home sleeping safe and sound...

  5. Such a sweet storytelling moment. You know that is how The Lightning Thief got started...a bedtime story for his children.

  6. Reading moments - the phrase itself is a cause for celebration - the stories behind make it fabulous.
    Storytelling is a special gift, it's more intimate than reading aloud. If you can have both in each day you create magic in your daughters' days.

  7. Michelle,
    I know Saturdays are not ideal for you to write, so it makes me happy that you are joining us with your perspective and celebrations. Thank you!


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