Thursday, April 10, 2014

{reader} a reading moment

Yesterday, I shared my daughter's reading moment.  A memory about reading that just made her happy as she chose to read a book over playing.  Even if it was just for five minutes.

This reading memory gave me an idea for my students at school.

I challenged my third and fourth grade groups to blog about a reading memory:  Think about a reading moment when you were all wrapped up in a book.  Or you were secretly reading in class.  Or you stayed up in bed and read under the covers.  Or when you couldn't put a book down, but your mom asked you to help her.

I shared my most recent reading moment as a mentor text:  {late night reading} 

As the day ended and students' saved their reading moment drafts, I spotted a few other student reading moments ...

image found on pinterest

A boy standing in the busy, loud multi-purpose room.  Students waiting for the bus and laughing as he stands alone, away from the bus line, holding an open book.  Reading.

A girl standing at the end of the bus line, swaying back and forth.  Ignoring the noise around her, holding an open book.  Reading.

A boy walking behind a long line of students.  He moves closer to the bus, trying not to walk into anything, holding an open book.  Reading.

I snapped a picture of each student in my head, wanting to remember and share these real reading moments.

Here are the students' reading moments shared on our class blog:
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  1. Jocelyn's reading memory about  Pat the Bunny
  2. Sandra Can't Stop Reading
  3. Luke wanted to Read
  4. Luis enjoys Flashlight Friday
  5. Anthony almost got caught Staying Up Late
  6. Chris was left behind reading a Book 
  7. Evelin wanted to read the new book The Pigeon Needs a Bath!
  8. Nathaniel Stayed Up Late reading
  9. Kathalyn shared a time she Read to Her Sister and Brother
  10. Rachel shared a funny Reading Moment
  11. Ohm wrote about Reading at Night

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