Friday, April 25, 2014

{five minute friday} friend

Five Minute Friday

Five Minute Friday  writing challenge hosted by Lisa-Jo Baker
The challenge is to write for five minutes on a given word.  Just write and share.

Today's Five Minute Friday word:  {friend}

I have always been the type of person that feels more comfortable having a few close friends rather that a whole lot of acquaintances.  I feel more secure in creating a strong bond and truly knowing someone inside and out.  And for someone to know me just the same.

Those few really close friends have changed over the years.  As my life twisted and turned down different paths, I have had different friends.  

Growing up friends.  High school friends.  College friends.  After college friends.  Some are now acquaintances, and some are long forgotten.  Church friends.  Couples friends.  Online friends.  My husband.  He's one of my favorites and my best friend!  

Yet, there has always been one constant friend.

My Mom.  

She is always there, lending an ear, saying a prayer, sharing her two cents, or providing advice.  I never considered my Mom a friend growing up, just as it should be.  After I graduated from college, got a real job, and moved out, she became my friend.  Basically, when I grew up and realized that she was right (most of the time), we became friends.  She is the one friend that I turn to.  She is the one friend that I trust the most.  She is the one friend I that I can always count on.  

I am so thankful for my friend, my Mom.


  1. HI there! hopping in from Five Minute Friday! My mom is the same for me! I have so enjoyed the last 12 years or so since we became friends! Thank you for sharing your words!

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  3. Your mother sounds like such a wonderful woman! And thanks for the FMFriday!

  4. Well, that brought tears to my eyes! Thank you so much. You will always be my daughter, no matter what, but as you've grown, matured and become a Mother too, we have bonded our mother-daughter relationship to becoming good friends. I'm here for you whenever and forever. You make me proud and I love you bunches! Mom

  5. What an awesome relationship you have with your mom. I knew it when I met you both. Two fabulous women for this world!


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