Tuesday, April 15, 2014

{sols}: sick day

Monday morning started as any other usual Monday.

I flipped on the light switch and started quietly singing, "Good morning! Good morning! Good morning! It's time to rise and shine!"  Big stretches and groans and yawns.  I know this feeling.

After a slow wakeup, the girls got ready for the day, had a quick breakfast snack, and they were out the door with Daddy.

I took a deep breath and prepared my bags.  I was out the door to head to my professional development meeting about assessment.

About an hour into the meeting, I noticed my phone light up:

Missed call.

Missed call and voice mail.

iMessage: Call me.

Missed call and voice mail.

iMessage: P. puked.

iMessage: Can you pick her up?

My eyes bugged out in surprise.  I quickly responded to my husband's texts and whispered to my table group that I had to go.  As quietly as I could, I quickly exited wondering if I missed any signs in the morning.

After the fifteen minute drive, I arrived at my girls' school.  P. was ready wearing her coat and a smile.  Then her sister, M., walked around the corner with big tears falling down her cheeks.

"Mommmeee.  I.  Want.  To.  Go.  Home.  Too," she sobbed.


"I have to take care of P. and I need you to stay here.  I'll pick you up soon. I promise," I reassured her.  We hugged and kissed and Miss Kathy nudged her to the other room so we could make a quick exit.

P. was chatting and happy and not-at-all acting sick.   She did feel bad for her sister.  She came home and made a picture and a card for her.

"Mommy, can you help me write a note?"  She asked.

"I love you! I miss you so much!"

After some toast, a nap for both of us, and a few more stickers added to her sister's card, it was time to go get M. from school.  She survived the rest of the afternoon.  Miss Kathy mentioned how much the girls really care about each other.

A twin connection that I'll never fully understand, but it's so sweet to witness.

It's also sweet to have two healthy girls.  No more issues the rest of the day (or night).  Everyone is back to school today.


  1. How fun (at least at this age) for the girls to have each other. The connections that they make and how they relate is amazing. I know there are disagreements (typical of siblings), but they rely on each other. It will be interesting to see how this develops as they get older. Glad everyone is well. Sometimes they just need that one-on-one with Mommy (or Daddy) or G & G, just because. Love & hugs to all of you! Mom

  2. Oh spring sicknesses! Winter just won't fully go away. Funny how some of the good days we have come from unexpected surprises! Here's to a healthy spring!

  3. Glad everyone is healthy again. P. making a card for her sister says something about the bond they share. I'm not a twin, but if I were home sick the last thing I would think about would be my brothers. I would tease them about being in school while I was home. Maybe it's a "guy" thing.

  4. Soooo sweet Michelle! I TOTALLY get the sister bonding thing and I am not even a twin! ;-)

  5. Sweet card. I am glad that the sickness passed and didn't touch others in the family.

  6. This is just the sweetest - love the card. So funny that the one that really needed to be taken care of was the one who wasn't sick! Sweet, sweet sisters.

  7. That will be a relationship of a lifetime! Thanks for sharing

    Clare and Tammy

  8. Twins just have that special bond, Michelle. Glad it was just one quirky thing, though, and nice you got to have a nap!

  9. I always wanted to be a twin! Yours age such a beautiful bond. We have been experiencing a second round of stomach flu at our school. One would think we were all over that! Glad things are back to normal - I hope it stays that way!

    1. Have did auto check get age out of have?

  10. Thanks for letting us witness the tender "twin connection" your girls have through your writing. How sweet! They are certainly blessed. I'm glad that everyone is feeling better. :)


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