Monday, April 7, 2014

today: {birthday wishes}

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Today is my husband's birthday.  Jon is one who enjoys a great birthday celebration!  Yet, today is a Monday and a day back to work.  After working all day, we'll rush home to eat quickly to be ready to take the girls to their swim lessons.

Not much for a birthday celebration!

But he still knows how to celebrate.  Yesterday, he enjoyed a day of working out in the yard, including a trip to Home Depot.  In the evening we celebrated with his parents by grilling flank steak.  He enjoyed looking at pictures from when he younger.  Then, this morning he stopped for Spunky Dunker donuts to take to work for his colleagues.  He received a video birthday message and song from the girls.  And, after swim lessons tonight, we'll devour the leftover chocolate cake from yesterday's celebration.

A celebration of sorts!  We also agreed not to exchange birthday cards.

So, instead, I write to you:  Here's to a day to remember!  Happy birthday Jon!

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{my happy birthday wishes to you}

i celebrate you because --
you bring me the truth (even if i don't want to hear it)
you make me laugh ... and cry
you light up my life
i love you for all that you are
my husband and my best friend

our girls celebrate you because --
you constantly care that they are safe
you always provide and take care of our family's needs
you encourage them to try new things
they love you for all that you are
their loving daddy that gives lots of hugs and snuggles

i celebrate you because --
you are a hard-working man
you always want what is best for us
you remind us to trust in the Lord our God
i love you for all that you are
a caring husband, a devoted father, a constant friend, a loving son


  1. Oh my goodness! This is so sweet.

  2. Happy Birthday to your husband! Your writing is a lovely celebration.


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