Thursday, April 3, 2014

a writing workout

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I only wish writing burned calories.

I've been writing every day for over a month -- 33 days.
Some days for twenty minutes, and other days closer to an hour.
A habit has been formed and it's hard to just give it up.

Writing about moments.  Sharing an idea.  Telling a story.
Capturing a feeling.  Reflecting on today.  Crafting a poem.
Writing about writing about writing about writing.

Writing and thinking and tapping my fingers.
Adding and changing and fixing it just right.
Copying and playing and pasting again.

If only writing burned calories.

© michelle nero


  1. We would all be skinny (at least our fingers). Great poem. Glad you're still writing. I'm writing in my head - it hasn't hit the computer yet. Love ya, Mom

  2. I am glad too that you are blogging daily. It's like reading a small greeting from you every day. Theoretically, the more time you spend writing, the less time yo have to eat. That's healthy.


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