Tuesday, July 23, 2013

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It's been almost two weeks.

Looking back, I can say it was pretty easy.  They were ready.

But I can't take all the credit.  "They" say not to rush or force the issue.

It started on the one day the girls went to school two weeks ago.  They were ready.

"Three other girls were starting, so I included your two girls.  Have you started at home?"

"Um, well, no. We've been busy traveling and lots of things going on and . . . "

My excuses poured out.  Are they ready now?

The next day we started.  It was the push I needed - fearing only the worst.

And we haven't looked back!

We talked about listening to our bodies.  Now they tell me when they are ready.

I can't believe I can say this:  My three year olds are potty trained!  (Almost) no more diapers.

They still need help and our schedule has changed.

Everything takes longer:  Before we leave:  Let's go to the bathroom and wash hands.

Arrive at destination:  Let's go to the bathroom and wash hands.

It's a treat to check out new bathrooms, but we fear those automatic flushers and LOUD dryers!

So, celebrate with us!  This is a HUGE milestone and accomplishment.

(A relief too.  No pun intended.)

It wasn't so bad -- when they are ready.

We are SO proud of our girls!

(And Momma and Dadda too!)


  1. Congratulations! I abhorred potty training. It seemed the boys would never be completely accident free. Now at 8 and 11, I can look back and laugh. So glad the girls are doing well, and yay for you too!

  2. Good job to all of you . . . the girls for being ready and mommy and daddy for their patience! One more "growing up" step and how fast it goes!!! When you tell me your looking at colleges that's when I will really feel old ;-)

  3. Hurray! Certainly something to celebrate.

  4. Hurrah! :) I am cheering for all. Well done. The way you wrote this was fun as the suspense built a bit before the success was revealed.

  5. Hurray for you all! I remember the day my daughter, who was wearing pull-ups, dramatically said, "Get this thing off me!" and proceeded to tear it off herself. She wore panties ever after. When they're ready, they're ready.

  6. Yay! That is a big accomplishment! Even though it's slowing you down a little right now when it's new, imagine how great it will be in 6 months when it's not so new. Hurray for no more diapers!

  7. How well I remember...and smile. So many more milestones are ahead of you. Enjoy!

  8. Soon it'll be old stuff, but now, celebrate for sure! Treat yourself to something for all the money saved from those diapers! It is an iffy time & does take longer, but still, your wait was so worth it-look how fast it happened! Congrats, Michelle!

  9. Hurray for our girls - it was just a matter of time. And now, just think of all those things you can buy with all the money saved by not buying diapers - more books, saving for college or buying a new Jeep!

  10. Hurray! They are growing up so fast!

  11. Yesssss!!!! This is an awesome time!!! And, like Linda says, think of all the money you're about to save :). We're trying to wean my four-year-old off pull-ups at night, which seems to be a tricky proposition, but after that -- just one in diapers. Incidentally -- do you do the Amazon Moms club? If not, check it out. Pullups delivered to your door on the day of your choosing for significantly less than Target, etc. Congratulations again! :)

  12. You know you're a mom when you celebrate body functions LOL. :) I'm so excited for M & P joining the potty club. Enjoy shopping for some fancy panties!

  13. You have double reasons to celebrate! Congratulations!!

  14. Huge accomplishment-milestone reached! Wow! Ok, so, I am thinking that the key here is they were ready and so were you. Sorry I have not traveled to your blog and read lately-missed so much! Vacation and summer busy-ness gets a little hectic. Glad the girls are on their way. Celebrate is the perfect title!


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