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#cyberPD Part 3: Who Owns the Learning?

This summer I am participating in the #cyberPD conversations about the book by Alan November titled Who Owns The Learning? Preparing Students for Success in the Digital Age.

As always, thanks for taking the time to read and share YOUR voice!

You can visit the conversations this week:

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"I think the process of education is collaboration. The idea of school should be collaboration and communication with people that are different from you and see the world with different eyesAlan November quoting Garth Holman (p.87)

My Thoughts and Reflections

Can I be honest with you?  I'm am SO relieved that the last two chapters were a "lighter" read.  Still full of great ideas and examples of incorporating digital learning into our classrooms, but my head is still spinning from last week's thoughts and posts and comments and tweets and very cool tech tools used to synthesize the ideas and learning.

You see, even though it's summer break, and I'm relieved of my daily school duties, I am officially a full-time mom of two three year olds.  And they are busy.  Always.  I am seriously more tired putting in a full day at home!  And I have less and less time to read, write, reflect, comment, and play around with very cool tech tools.  (Yes, I'm a little jealous, but I'll get over it and learn from you all for the time being!)

So, all that being said, I'm thrilled about the opportunities for our students to learn in learner-centered approach with a forward-thinking teacher.  The student as a global communicator and collaborator learns about empathy and understanding and appreciating other points of view:  "...we're in great danger if we're only listening to our own" November states (p.68).  I think this is where my learning is growing the most.  I tend to be a bit naive and trust what I hear or read.  I need to extend my thinking in all directions and see the BIG picture.  I need to question more.  As I grow in this area, I know that my students will begin to grow in this area as well.

Implications in My Classroom
November provides concrete examples in real classrooms and school of forward-thinking teachers.  Again, I'm not sure how much I can implement in my literacy resource classroom, but the seeds have been planted.  I may be able to incorporate a student job or share an idea with a colleague.  But the ultimate goal, as November stated:  "...experiencing an essential change in the culture of teaching and learning" (p. 89).
#Poster>>  You aspire to great things?  Begin with little ones.  Augustine of Hippo  #quote #taolife
I will start small and it will lead to great things.  Reading this book has encouraged me to think about engaging students in a meaningful way through the use of technology that knocks down the four walls of our classroom.  

I appreciate even more the opportunity to participate in #cyberPD.  We brought this book to LIFE.  We lived it.  We learned it.  We collaborated.  We communicated. 

I was trying to think of a fun way to summarize #cyberPD for me.  It's summer and who doesn't love ice cream?  Wish I could include some graphic (or use a cool tech tool), but this will have to do:

  • Reading a book is like ice cream.

  • Reading and discussing a book is like ice cream with sprinkles.
  • Reading, writing, reflecting, sharing a book is like ice cream with sprinkles and chocolate syrup.

  • Reading, writing, reflecting, sharing and learning from comments is like ice cream with sprinkles, chocolate syrup, whipped cream, and a cherry on top. (Ding!)

Thank you, #cyberPD colleagues, for sharing the most delicious dessert of the summer!

"The kids are realizing that learning is a natural process of life.  It happens and it should be happening all the time, and as long as you are aware of it, you're going to get so much more out of it" Michael Pennington (p.85)

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

Thanks for stopping by and please share your thoughts and ideas!

#cyberPD Schedule:


  1. Love the analogy about ice cream at the end - exactly!!

  2. Michelle,
    I so agree with you, " We brought this book to LIFE. We lived it. We learned it. We collaborated. We communicated."

    The power in this year's #cyberPD had come from the way everyone has collaborated to learn more.

    Thank you for all of your contributions. You have helped to illustrate the power in digital learning communities.


  3. Wow! Love that ice cream analogy! You hit it just right! I almost didn't post today because I wasn't confident in what I had to share, but I knew I would have felt left out. Glad I joined. Now I think I need some ice cream!

  4. Hi Michelle! 1st, I'm not sure how you get anything done. Am here tonight sitting for the grand-girls & only can only do this when they're asleep! I agree with you about starting small, & perhaps suggesting ideas when they arise to different colleagues?

  5. Thanks for being a part of my summer learning! I have really appreciated hearing everybody's thinking.

  6. I appreciate your honesty! And I've LOVED sharing the sundae (with a cherry on top) with everyone this summer!

    Does this book have any implications for how you're raising your kids?

  7. Michelle,
    I appreciate how you always organize your posts so clearly! Also, I feel your pain with having no time for my exploration and agree with "more tired putting in a full day at home"! Now that the busy girl walks and talks my breaks are during her naps or nighttime!
    Starting small is key which Laura mentioned in connecting others' ideas as well. I think it's great that you will share ideas with colleagues and grow the global are taking on the roles as well.
    Finally, I love your ice cream analogy-especially when you added the cherry! ;)

  8. Michelle,

    Whether you find a specific job or tool to incorporate into your literacy resource room is not paramount. That you (with all of us) have experienced another way to think about learning, that your perspective or mindset has shifted is. I think we will all 'see' our students, rooms, and schools through a new lens this fall.

    You must be a person with incredible levels of energy...the passion is obvious in your words.

    Thanks for sharing your summer for learning together.

  9. Michelle,
    I always appreciate and respect your perspective. And how you do all of this while chasing around your girls is beyond me!! Your analogy was spot on, as were your comments about how we brought this book to life. You're right - so many seeds have been planted by reading this book and participating in the conversation. And starting small is something I have to keep in mind!

  10. Michelle,

    I have to say again how much your writing impresses me. So clear, articulate and interesting.

    These lines were the best:

    We brought this book to LIFE. We lived it. We learned it. We collaborated. We communicated.

    I also loved the ice cream analogy - perfect!


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