Sunday, April 3, 2011

Mentor Texts (aka Favorite Slices)

letter S letter L I C you at the CNIT ? E letter S
letter O letter F
letter L letter i letter F letter E

I wanted to create a list of some of my favorite slices that I read last month during the Slice of Life Story Challenge.  I've been digging in the archives.  I was captivated by these slices (and countless more) for many reasons:  It could be the story, it could be the words the writer chose, it could be the style and rhythm, or it could be that I felt the honesty, sincerity, or strong emotion emanating through the words. Or, maybe I just loved it just because . . . !

Thank you for your brilliance and mentor texts!

    On a side note:  Want to know how I created the picture montage of letters? Go to Spell with flickr. Thanks to Katie at Inquiry Live in the Classroom for sharing this great tool!


    1. Dear Michelle,
      I somewhat regret that I didn't keep a list of favorites from the beginning of March. At the same time I am glad that I didn't, I can now go back, reread, and find new readings.
      Seeing my own slices on your list gave a little jolt of delight. Thank you.

    2. So honored to have made your list Michelle. You and your site are an ispiration to me. Thank you

    3. What a diverse sampling of mentor texts! Thanks for sharing :)


    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.