Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Glass Half Empty? Glass Half Full.

Glass of Waterphoto © 2007 Greg Riegler | more info (via: Wylio)
Glass half empty
I'm feeling a lack of inspiration
and motivation to write.
I'm not opening myself up to the
world around me.
I'm forgetting to notice all
there is to write about every day.
I'm struggling to create and imagine.
I've lost the joy of the process.
The joy of the words.
The joy to just write.

Glass half full
I promise to open my eyes
and ears noticing all that is
waiting to be told.
I will scribble new thoughts, ideas,
and more in my writer's notebook.
I will be reawakened.  Revived.  Reenergized.
Fill my glass. Until it's overflowing.
Overflowing with words.
Overflowing with wonder and delight.


  1. Michelle this shows that you have not lost your inspiration at all!!! I also was feeling pressure like I must write, but if we feel that way it becomes a chore instead of a joy! You always inspire me!

  2. Michelle--I am feeling the same way this week. It's hard to come up with something I feel "worthy" of posting. Sometimes it's hard to come up with any idea at all.

    This two sided poem was wonderful-- sometimes you just have to write!

  3. Dear Michelle,

    I like the double-sided poem, two perspectives. I understand the difficulties of writing daily. The good thing is that the daily writing does not have to be long and complete every day, and sometimes it can stay as a draft and never be published. Even making a list is writing - gathering seeds. Go girl!

  4. You captured the duality of writing in your poem really well.

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