Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Clock Confusion

Latephoto © 2010 Evan | more info (via: Wylio)
I woke up feeling a bit dazed thinking that it had to be time to get up soon.  There was no rush as it was Saturday with no big plans on the agenda.  I couldn't see across the room to check the time until I slipped on my glasses.  The glowing blue numbers read 2:09 am.

"Why am I wide awake?  I thought it was at least six." I said out loud to my husband as he rolled over.  I heard nothing but a mumble.

It must have been the piece of leftover chocolate cake I devoured last night to celebrate my husband's birthday.    My eyes lids closed and I slowly drifted back to sleep.  After all, it was only 2:09 am.

Thirty minutes later . . . 

I still had my glasses on and I woke up again as it was growing lighter in the room.  Now the clock read 2:42 am.

"Hey.  Isn't it really bright out right now for three in the morning?  And I'm wide awake.  Something seems strange."  I stated to my husband as I felt the growing need to get him involved in this dilemma.

"This does seem strange.  Pinch me.  I'll see if I can feel it.  Do you think we are in heaven?  Is this what heaven is really like?"

He almost dragged me down that path as I started to open my mouth to respond with a disheartening, "Noooo." Instead, I rolled my eyes in his apparent attempt to be funny.  (We were both currently reading books about heaven.  Me: 90 Minutes in Heaven and him: Heaven is for Real, so I guess heaven was on his mind.)

He stumbled out of bed, looked at his watch.  "It's almost seven.  Guess it's time to get up! Are the girls still sleeping?"

"What do you think happened to the clock?"

Shoulders shrugged.  "I dunno. Strange, huh?"

We never did solve the strange clock mystery, and just like every other time, I had to scour the manual to reset the time and the alarms.


  1. Terrible to wake up & find the wrong time! You seem very calm about it, maybe because it's a Saturday. Funny story!

  2. Michelle,

    Clock mishaps are terribly troubling. My worst was the morning when I hopped in the shower only to realize it was 4am, 2hours earlier than necessary. Ugghhh.

    But, I don't know what's worse, the disconcerting feeling of being out of sync, or having to figure out how to reset the clock.


  3. I think it is funny that your confusion sent you straight to "heaven" - I guess it's a good thing it happened on a Saturday or the alternative might not be so "cool."

  4. Thank goodness for internal clocks. :) I seem to depend in mine more then normal lately.

  5. All the while...I thought you were menopausal and just doing the wake up early thing!! You must not be old enough yet. That is when I get up and make my comments to people like you on the SOL!

  6. Strange, indeed. Could it all have been a dream? Will it happen again? Fun story.


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