Monday, April 4, 2011

Come On! Everybody's Doing It!

Not only have I encouraged my mom to start a blog, but this week a friend/colleague/Twitter junkie  joined the club!  How very exciting!  Over the weekend, she shared her blog with me.  Only a title and background, but it was a great start.  Slowly, she added more and more.

Fear, excitement, curiosity.  I remember having those feelings a little over a month ago, when I created my blog.  I struggled with a name that was important and meant something to me.  I played around with the format, layout, colors, etc.  Then I wrote that first post.  Wait.  Deep breath.  Reread.  Reread again just to be sure.

"Hey, hon, does this sound okay?" I'd yell to my husband in another room.

Then I just did it.  I clicked the orange "Publish Post" button.  I was "out there" for others to read.

Well, friend, you are out there!  I'm so thrilled that I'll have another e-colleague.  Even though we work together, we don't always have the time to share great ideas, strategies, and fun book finds.  We rush about our busy days helping kids, comforting teachers, and worrying about ourselves and our planning last.  This will allow us an opportunity to share.

And guess what?  She already wrote her first post about sketching graphic organizers and letting the students use markers to write because "markers help them forget that they don't like to write!"  Love it!

Welcome!  I can't wait to learn and grow together in our profession!

P.S. A deal is a deal.  You'll have to help me get set up on Twitter this summer!

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