Tuesday, March 8, 2011

SOLSC: It Was Meant To Be - 8/31

The Slice of Life Story Challenge 
is hosted by the Two Writing Teachers.

A New Voice

I have a legitimate excuse for why it took me some time to get started with this phenomenon called blogging.  I realize blogging has been around for some time, but I've been concerned with other realms of my life.  

I'm stepping out today.  Out of my comfort zone.  I'm opening up and sharing more than I ever thought, partially because this was supposed to be my "professional" blog focused on teaching and learning.  But I am learning.  Through my daily journaling and writing. Through your words, stories, and memoirs.  Through the profound reflections expressed.  After a week of daily conversations, I'm feeling generous with my words . . . utilizing my newfound writing voice: poet. 

It Was Meant To Be

Timing in life is everything
I know God has His way.
Sometimes we don't understand it
Until it's meant to be.

Our life was comfortable and content
A marriage brimming with love
In a house that we made our home
It was meant to be.

The next step in our grown-up lives
Was a blinded leap of faith
That you may never feel ready for
But it was meant to be.

When the timing was just right
Our future would entail
Not just one baby to bear.
Two were meant to be.

Months of reading and planning
Time to let the babies grow
Waiting for the right moment
Until it was meant to be.

Then another surprise arrived.
A sudden loss of employment
Fear, sadness, and unexpected wondering:
Is this meant to be?

If this was the worst, we'll take it.
Yet still struggling to understand.
This will make us stronger, we thought.
Maybe this was meant to be.

The first of May appeared
With the arrival of two beautiful babies.
Both precious wonders of pure love.
Thank you, Dear Lord, for this was meant to be.

Summer came and went in a blink
Back-to-school was out of my mind
For I could not fathom leaving
But it was meant to be.

We had no other choice
For now I am a working mom
And he is our stay-at-home dad.
This was meant to be, Lord,
This was meant . . . to be.


  1. Great poem! Life doesn't always turn out like we expect or plan. I bet your husband is enjoying himself at home.

  2. Thanks for sharing your poem, it is beautiful and so meaningful to many in your same situation. Life does put a speed bump the road, especially when you are rolling along comfortably.

  3. Such a beautiful poem. Thanks for sharing your life!

  4. Brevity and courage. Thank you.

  5. Wow. You tell a wondeful story (ups and downs) in such a divine way!


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