Wednesday, March 2, 2011

SOLS: Hugs - 2/31

The Slice of Life Story Challenge 
is hosted by the Two Writing Teachers.

I love hugs.  You have to love them. Fist bumps are cool.  High fives are the old stand by.  But hugs are the best.

I am thankful to work in an elementary school.  I know that we have to be extra careful with kids these days.  I know administration reminds us about the policies. But my students need hugs.  They need that emotional connection.  They need to know I'm  there for them.  Plus I need them too!

As the pages of the calendar are rapidly ripped off, month by month, we are counting down the days.  Some of us are counting down the days until we can finally read that book or relax and get a massage.  Some of us are counting down the days until that special day arrives, a wedding, the birth of a baby, or a first birthday. Some of us are counting down the days until spring break and then summer. Some of us are counting down the last days until retirement.  Some of us are counting down the days to start anew next school year.  We are all counting down . . .

However, when the counting down ends, whether the weekend, holiday, or summer vacation arrives, we all wish we were back at school. Just to share one more hug.  


  1. You are so right about the hugs in school. I retired three years ago, I miss my daily dose of quick hugs in the hall. They are given so freely without expectations of something in return.

  2. It's important that the hugs keep coming for sure. A hug for some is the only one that day! Thanks for writing about the importance of them.

  3. Dear Michelle,
    Hugs matter. Sometimes it is all you need to smile again. Caring matters. Policies don't have feelings.
    Give a hug to your students and your daughters. They know that you care.

  4. You summed it up perfectly. Our students and kids need hugs often. Some of my most challenging students have come back after having me as their teacher to get a hug. It's one of the things parents have thanked me for. Big hug!

  5. Some of my favorite days are those when I receive an unexpected hug by a student. Long live the hugs!

  6. MIchelle,
    I like how in the first paragraph you compare hugs to other signs of affection. It illuminates how you don't only love hugs, but you prefer them over other gestures.

    I look forward to more glimpses into your life.

  7. So true! I love this slice. I feel the same way about seeing my students. I need them!

  8. What a great slice! You hit the nail on the head! It's that time of year when countdowns are on everyone's minds (a wedding for me!) but what a great reminder to savor our students while we have them in front of us!

  9. I agree that hugs from students are the best. I also like how you talked about countdowns, which is always on a teachers mind. Right now I'm counting down the days until our spring break!

  10. Hugs from children are moments I cherish daily. They make teaching extra special. :)MaryHelen


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