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{sols} a chat + a book (or two)

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My parents live far away and they don't get to see my four year old girls very often.  Our lives are busy and we always seem to be on the go.  Trying to stay connected is always a challenge.

But I know they want to see the girls whenever or however they can.

One way we visit is through using Skype.  It's difficult finding the time some weeks.  It's hard to entice them to sit long enough to share a story.  But they haven't seen the girls since our Florida vacation in June.

Sunday after church we had time to visit with Grammy and Grampy.  I called first so they could set up their computer.  As we waited, I whispered about what we could talk about and share.  The girls settled onto two chairs with their baby dolls in hand.  I sat on the side, out of the picture.

The computer rang and I clicked the green video button.  We heard their voices before their faces popped up on the screen.

The girls smiled and talked with Grammy and Grampy.  They asked questions, the girls answered.  M. was quite the story teller talking about her hospital visit and their baby dolls with no names and the books we recently picked up from the library.  She wanted me to find her new favorite book.

I stepped out of the living room in search of the book and returned with M. standing up, grabbing the book out of my hands, asking to read it to Grammy. Turning each page, she gleefully retold the book "Naked" by Michael Ian Black.  She laughed showing Grammy each silly page about the little boy who loved being naked.

By now P. snuck out of the room to pick a couple of books to share.  Her new favorites are written by Jan Thomas.  We checked out all of her books from the library.  We read "A Birthday for Cow" together.  She wanted to get the words just right, but could not always remember.  She looked to me for help, a little frustrated.

M. zipped out to find more books.  She carried a stack of books into the living to share.  It was her turn to share a Jan Thomas book, "Pumpkin Trouble."  She quickly turned each page (without really letting Grammy see the pictures) laughing at the duck who fell into the pumpkin scaring his friends.  I smiled in delight at her excitement to read and share books with their Grandma, who is also an avid reader  We all share that common book love.

I looked at the stack of picture books waiting to be shared and knew we wouldn't be able to read them all.  It was time for our chat to conclude.  We said our goodbyes.  Blew kisses and gave squeezes.

"I love you, Grammy and Grampy!" They shouted.  "Bye!"  They were off and running, and the screen went black.

I understand why this time is so precious to my parents.  What a treasure to see their two (smart!) four year old granddaughters talking up a storm and reading them books!


  1. What a wonderful moment! So adorable! Yes, VERY smart four year old granddaughters!

  2. Yes, it is always a delight to visit and share in their excitement. And, we know how difficult it can be, so we take what we can. Love the book reading and sharing. M's expressions and details. P's quietness, waiting and wanting to share. Always looking for Max and asking about the deer. Remembering things we did together. Such fun. And, yes, they are very smart four year olds! Hugs to all. Love ya, Mom

  3. How lucky we are to have technology to create moments like this! What a fun visit for your parents and how happy is your heart to watch your girls growing into readers!

  4. So lucky for all of you to be near enough to share moments like these!

  5. Technology sure has changes our way of keeping in touch. When my daughter was young, we used to send cassette tapes back and forth with my mother. She would talk on the tape, we would listen and then record over it to send it back to her. Skype just makes things so much easier!

  6. How wonderful for your girls to grow up with something like this! And for your parents to take advantage of it. It makes me wonder, what next.


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