Friday, March 10, 2017

{the wind} 10/31 #sol17


The March Slice of Life Story Challenge
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The gust of wind
whipped the leftover brown leaves about
like the worries scattered in my mind

The rush of wind
 i   r
anything and everything it could capture
like the anxieties twisting inside 

The surge of wind

flew up            and then quickly dove down 
like the surprise of a roller coaster of emotions

The burst of wind

BLASTED the bitter cold air through
like the unexpected words to my heart

The breath of wind
s l o w l y  swayed and finally came to a silent rest
as my eyes began to close and calm settled over me


We have had several very windy, gusty days as of late.
As I observed the wind and anything that traveled with it,
I noticed the comparison to our emotions that we hold inside.


  1. Your formatting is so awe inspiring. I love the words going up and down and all around! So very visual.

  2. The way you placed your words made me feel like as if I were a part of the wind swirling and blowing. Yes, our emotions do resemble the blowing wind. Love ya, Mom

  3. Love the result of your experimentation. You are a poet though and through.

  4. This was cool, Michelle. I loved the way you formatted the words and tied them into emotions also. Nice job

  5. Wind and worries, who would of thought they were related? Love the way they mix together and you are so clever with perfect placement.

  6. Brrrrr - that wind went right through me! Whoosh!

  7. This is a really nice piece of writing, how you connected the wind and the worrying. You capture the wind's energy so beautifully!


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