Monday, March 6, 2017

{pick up} 6/31 #sol17


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The weekend brings a little bonus time
to pick up, put away, organize it all.

My new saying goes, "If you want to keep it,
put it away. Everything has a place."

Finally a fresh start to the week where
all working surfaces are cleared.

We can all just think better
when we are organized. 

Ready for more work 
and play and crafting.

Come Monday after school
and all week every day ...

Pile here, papers there
crafts hanging, more papers here

Toys and legos from the playroom
and more from downstairs too.

Colored pencils, markers left out
scissors and paper scraps scattered.

By end of the week, our main living space
is easily covered again --

Of living with twin six year old girls
who love school, crafts, and sharing it all!

And so we start the weekend with
pick up, put away, organize it all again.


  1. Oh the memories! And it is so heartbreaking to throw away any of their creations! It's hard to believe when you are in the thick of things that there will come a day when there will be no more adorable crafts adorning every free surface.

  2. Wash. Rinse. Repeat. At least you have the excuse of having little ones. I do this to myself when I get deep into a crafting project that ends with pieces of it in nearly every corner of my place except the actual corner designated for it. Chastising myself doesn't work when I don't want to listen lol

  3. Bless the mess - the sign of active and creative life with little children. Wonderful that you manage to create some calm and clean in the midst of all this.

  4. They will be great little tidiers when they grow up. At least they will have a good routine. I don't have little ones at home anymore and we still manage to get piles of things in certain places by Friday afternoon. :)

  5. Oh yes, this is what weekends are made for! But I'll share a little doesn't stop when they get any bigger! My 13 and 11 year olds are just as guilty of sharing their clutter with the rest of the house. :) I loved your poem today! It sounded just like my life!

  6. What a delight to cherish and embrace living with twin six year old girls! And perfect that you make time to pick up, put away, and organize so that all can think better. Wonderful lessons they're learning from their mama!

  7. Love. Every. Minute. That pace, those crafts, that productive mess -- it will be gone before you know it. Organize it -- but don't forget to embrace it as well. They sound wonderful.

  8. Pick it up, mess it up, repeat! :)

  9. It is a joy to read of the many opportunities you give the girls to create! It sounds like you are modeling just the right mix of tidying!

  10. I would much rather have a mess and clutter and creativity than to have them sitting in front of the TV or computer. Their curiosity leads to more learning. Keep enforcing that the clean up goes along with the creations.

  11. Thank you all for your thoughts!! I was looking at the mess as such a negative, but there truly is beauty in the mess in the making! Thanks for the positive reminders everyone!!!! :)

  12. These days won't be forever, just enjoy and tidy up when it overtakes.

  13. Just for the record, I'm not sure this changes when they are twenty either. I enjoyed your poem full of details about all the living that happens every day.

  14. Your post takes me back to when my three were little...treasure the mess!

  15. Oh the crafting and making and building - WOW!

  16. Within the messiness of life, the love and learning grows, Michelle. It is great to hear about your twins who are now 6. Have fun. I got piles all over my house.

  17. What Cathy said. Mine are 21 and 23 and we go through this every weekend.

  18. I so get it...with teens too!


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