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{I WISH YOU ... } #pb10for10

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Every year I (painstakingly) select ten (ugh, yes, only ten) picture books that I cannot live without in my classroom -- or in the case of the list I am sharing today, picture books that I cannot live without at home.

You see, I created this list of picture books for my twin daughters, who will begin their schooling journey by starting kindergarten in a short two weeks.  (I can't believe it.)  Yet, it's my Mommy duty to continue to build the excitement and their confidence (or perhaps my own) of this new adventure.  What better way to do it than with PICTURE BOOKS?!?!  A perfect #pb10for10 list of all that I wish for this coming year for my precious girls!

I wish you ...


1.  I wish you ... COURAGE:  
The Kissing Hand 
by Audrey Penn

I wish you both to be courageous and brave as you begin kindergarten.  I know that you are ready for this big adventure!  I also know that you are relieved (and so lucky) to have each other and always have a hand to hold.  But always know that Mommy and Daddy love you and we'll be there to pick you up at the end of your day to hear all about it.

2.  I wish you ... WONDER:
What Do You Do with an Idea?
What Do You Do With an Idea?
by Kobi Yamada

I wish you both to continue being curious.  Never stop wondering, asking questions, thinking about all the possibilities, and asking more questions about all things BiG and small.  I wish your teachers will also encourage your sense of wonder and nurture your curiosity and dreams.  Remember, everything starts with one little idea.

3.  I wish you ... INSPIRATION:
The Dot
by Peter H. Reynolds

I wish you both to be inspired by your teachers and to make your mark your own ways.  You will be challenged each and every day to try something new that may not be easy and you may not feel confident about doing.  I wish you to remember that little word {yet} that we talk about: You may not be able to do it ... yet.  But I wish for you to hold on to inspiration and try it!

4.  I wish you ... KINDNESS:
Each KindnessEach Kindness 
by Jacqueline Woodson

I wish you each kindness.  You will soon learn that some kids can be mean.  Mean with words, laughter, whispers, and ignoring.  But I wish for you to always choose kind -- no matter what.  No matter how hard it may be.   No matter if someone is being mean to you or your sister.  I wish for you to remember each kindness matters.  Always choose kind.

I wish you ... FRIENDSHIP:
Yo! Yes?
 by Chris Raschka

I wish for you to know the power of a little hello or "Yo!"  I want you to always remember that to have a friend, you need to be a friend.  And it starts with just asking.  I also wish for you to find your own friends to play with, to talk with, to learn with, to read with, to enjoy spending time with -- remembering that you will always have each other, your best friend.

6.  I wish you ... PATIENCE:
Waiting is Not Easy!
by Mo Willems

I wish you patience because we all know that waiting is not easy.  But always remember the miracles that can happen when we are patient.   Hold on tight to the patience required in a full classroom of kids and only one teacher.  I also wish your teachers much patience too!  (I was waiting and waiting when our favorite author/illustrator, Mo Willems, would make the list!)

The Most Magnificent Thing7. I wish you ... PERSEVERANCE:
The Most Magnificent Thing
by Ashley Spires

I wish you all the possibilities that are held in the creation of the most magnificent thing -- whatever that may be for you.  I wish you the struggles, the in-betweens, the wanting to give up, the mistakes, the sticking-with-it, and the triumphs.  I wish you the most magnificent first year of school in kindergarten too!

8. I wish you ... HAPPINESS:
Reading Makes You Feel Good 
by Todd Parr

You both know how much I love reading.  You're the ones who reminded me that "books are like friends."  I wish your teacher loves reading just as much because reading makes us feel good! I hope your love of reading continues to grow and grow.  Todd Parr is another favorite in our house, and I wish your teacher helps you fall in love with more authors, more illustrators and more stories.

9.  I wish you ... STORY:
Exclamation Mark!
by Amy Krouse Rosenthal

I wish for you to listen for your story and make your mark in the world!  I wish you both to fit in by standing out with the help of Mommy and Daddy and your teachers to find your way.  I can't wait for the new chapter of your story to begin ...

10.  I wish you ... MORE:
I Wish You More
by Amy Krouse Rosenthal

I wish you courage and wonder and inspiration.

I wish you kindness, friendship, and patience.

I wish you perseverance and happiness and story, your story.

And then I wish you more ... and more {wipe tears}.

And I wish you MORE too -- 
 more POSSIBILITIES with picture books!

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  1. Michelle, this is such a wonderful list. Brought tears to my eyes to think that you've done this for your girls as they embark on their new adventure. My daughter is only 15 months (and I connected my list to her) but I may need to save this list for her (and me) when she starts kindergarten in only a few short years. Thanks so much for sharing - it's a truly beautiful list!

  2. Michelle, that is gorgeous! Love the way you put this together. I know your girls will have a great year, because you'll be there holding their hands, or knowing when to let go. Good luck on that first day :)

  3. Sweet idea for creating a list. Your daughters are going to be well read for sure!

  4. This is such a beautiful post and will be wonderful to share with your daughters when they are older. The books are your list are timeless. Tammy's daughter is going off to college in a few days and she bought her I Wish You More too.

  5. What an inspired way to use a book to find more books! Thanks for the shout out!

  6. WhT a wonderful "theme" - I wish your children a fun-filled learning year!

  7. You always create the best list! Simply beautiful! I wish you and your girls a wonderful school year.

  8. Love this post--gave me all the feels! Which is unusual for a book list! How I love Amy Krouse Rosenthal. I am so glad she's a Global Read-Aloud author this year. I never remember how many books she's written--and then I saw the titles for GRA and realized that none of my very favorites of hers even made the list! There are just that many good ones.

  9. Michelle,
    This is the most beautiful much more than just a 10 for 10. A beautiful love letter to your two little girls. I'm not a mom, but as an Auntie who hasn't missed a first day of Kindergarten yet, I'm holding you close to my heart as this milestone approaches.

  10. Oh my . . . I have a terrible cold and reading this I am completely tearing up! Good luck this fall with the transition to school. My twins are entering Grade 8 which means high school. I remember the weeks before K - it was such a big change. Wow. This post of yours is one of my favourites of the day. Just a beautiful letter to your daughters.

  11. Sweetest post ever! So creative! Good luck to your daughters this year! Kindergarten is so magical!

  12. This is an amazing post and your daughters are so lucky to have a mom like you! Your heartfelt wishes brought happy tears to my eyes as I read through it. This is a post that your daughters can treasure forever. Good luck to your girls in Kindergarten!!

  13. What a lovely post, Michelle! I treasure many of these books in my own library and love how you linked them to your wishes for your daughters. Wishing you and your daughters a smooth transition!

  14. I LOVE your theme, Michelle! How creative and clever! I hope your daughter's have a WONDERful start to their school experience this year!

  15. Wahhhhhhh! The years have flown by and your chickadees are ready for school! Your theme and book choices are perfect. I wish M and P a wonderful start to a joyful year! 😀

  16. This is absolutely beautiful! Definitely one to print out and save in their school scrapbooks! And it made me cry! Here's to a terrific year for all of you!

  17. Really, Michelle, I want to give this to every kindergarten parent that walks through our door --- and I want to hang in it beside my door. Just beautiful. What a sweet letter to your girls, and picture books make it even better. Thank you for sharing 10 books from your heart. I should've grabbed a tissue.


  18. **tears**

    Good luck to you and your girls as you begin the journey of school!


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