Tuesday, May 19, 2015

{hooked} #sol15

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How is it that I am counting down the days in panic?

There is still so much to do before that last day when we wave goodbye for summer.  Praying that I helped hook my readers into reading to continue throughout the long, hot days of "There's nothing to do ..."

Yet, I was able to smile amid these last stressful days.

You see, a fourth grade student that I work with during intervention time wanted to share a book.

Jaden sat down and immediately opened his book.

"What are you reading?" I inquired.

"Oh, this is a new book that my mom bought for me."  He WANTED to share a book that he is reading.  I encouraged the book talk.  And his friends in the group listened.

"Tell us a little about the book and why you like it so much."

Jaden provided us with a great overview of the book.  We discussed the blurb, and I also shared the summary statement on the inside front cover.  Jaden highlighted everything mentioned in the summary.  A perfect mini-lesson review on summarizing.

After sharing the book, Adam asked to see the back of the book.  He noticed another book cover.

"Oh, that's what I want to read next!  It's the next book in the series.  I can't wait until my mom buys it for me," Jaden informed us.

Yes!  Readers always have an idea of what they want to read next ... this led into mini-lesson review number two.

I was beaming with delight in the moment.  Thinking about my other readers, wondering if they saw the beauty in this book conversation.

Jaden caught my twinkling, dreaming eyes.  "So, are we going to get our five minutes to read?"

"I can't say no after all that!"  During our forty minutes together, when students are arriving, the first five minutes are dedicated to checking in borrowed books, checking out new books to read, or reading a book.

This was the first time Jaden didn't want to miss this opportunity to read.  He is hooked!

And I'm thrilled because he is ready for summer and more reading.



  1. I have been an interentioist, too, and I felt your 'tingles" as I read your post!! I had many small, magical moments like this, too. They are truly wonderful. It sounds like you have done amazing work this year and you have made a huge difference in the lives that you touch. Patty at http://mentortextcentral.blogspot.com/

  2. Yes, this is such an exciting moment! It's a challenge to keep readers reading over the summer, and it sounds like you've hooked this one! Bravo!!

  3. I love the celebrations of readers getting hooked. I am happy for you and for this young reader.

  4. I can just hear how excited you are knowing that one (and probably a whole lot more) will continue their enjoyment of reading - for the sheer pleasure. Love ya, Mom

  5. That's it! What an awesome moment to have been a part of.

  6. That's one of the ways I knew my Maddie was hooked - when she started begging for the next book shown on the cover! You hooked him!

  7. This IS a much needed celebration during these very stressful last days! May his excitement be contagious!!

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  9. Wow! He would be in the seventh grade now!


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