Tuesday, May 5, 2015

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Birthday Celebrations

My baby girls, who will always be my baby girls, were born on May first.  We celebrated their fifth birthday last Friday.  I now have five year olds daughters.

And I cried the night before their birthday.

I sobbed in my husband's arms.  I cried asking him to pray together for them.  The more I thought about it, the more tears that streamed down my cheeks wetting the pillow.  I may have cried myself to sleep the night before ...

But by morning, the tears dried up, and it was all celebrations!  A joyous day full of smiles and laughter.  We are so blessed to treasure and nurture and develop independence with these gifts from God.  There was nothing else to do but celebrate all day long!

However, after I picked up the girls from school that morning, P. told me that when they were playing outside, she cried by the swings.

"Why? What happened?" I inquired.

"I just want to stay four.  I only want to be four years old," P. responded.

Then later in the afternoon, she saw the balloons and presents.  More smiles and laughter.  I think she accepted her fate of turning five years old.  Now she was okay with it.

And today, we celebrate five years and four days.

"Wait.  Will I be six tomorrow?" M. asked.

I smiled and responded, "Oh no.  We are not rushing it!  Let's enjoy being FIVE for now."  And I took a deep breath to remember this moment of being five.


  1. They do grow up fast Michelle but new memories too! As you said you are raising two independent beautiful girls . . . Just like their beautiful mommy! :-)

  2. Every year is different - the growing, the thinking, the learning, the attitudes, the choices. Five is going to be fabulous.

  3. Such a precious moment of like mother like daughter thinking and wonder! Five is such a great age!

  4. Such a precious moment of like mother like daughter thinking and wonder! Five is such a great age!

  5. Savor every moment, Michelle. It goes way, way, way too fast! Sounds like you are raising two really special young women. And they are hedged in by the prayers of their mom and dad, which is so, so, so powerful. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

  6. Such precious gifts from God that He has blessed us with. These first four years have past so quickly and they are developing into two special, independent, loving and caring girls. You & Jon are doing a great job in nurturing them with God's help. Love you all, Mom

  7. Every year brings new challenges, but also new joys. Enjoy these days, they pass by too quickly.

  8. Awwww! She wanted to stay four. That's so incredibly sweet.

    May five be a wonderful year... for them and for you!

  9. You tell such sweet stories.


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