Tuesday, August 12, 2014

{sols} last days of summer

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The last days of summer are almost here.
Soon it will be time to trade in ...

Late sleepy mornings
Busy but no-rush days
Vacations away
Play at new neighborhood parks
Swimming lessons
Trips to the library
Grandma time
Bike rides around town
Craft and project days
Movie nights in the living room
Catching fire flies
Later bedtimes

For all the back-to-school routines ...

Earlier wake ups
Lights on, rise and shine
"Let's go!" mornings
Quick hugs-n-kisses drop off
Long, long days apart
Dreaming about summer ways
Missing the small moments
Thinking about our time
Rushing home for pick up
Squeezing what we can
In the late hours of the evening
Before early to bed, again

Until next week, we'll enjoy our time together.
The last days of summer are almost here.


  1. I am feeling this too! I like to think of summer as living "horizontally", being able to stretch out and explore. When school starts, we live "vertically" again, always moving up, up, up with lots to do. It is because of this vertical life that we can appreciate the horizontal days of summer so much more. It sounds like you've been doing just that!

    Sweet Writing Life
    Mrs. Laffin's Laughings

  2. You summed it up perfectly! So sad to see the busy but no rush days go away :( Seems to early to be going back, doesn't it??

  3. You have captured it well. Oh my.

    Summers are gifts from above. So thankful.

  4. So sad to see the summer go. You have created a great model for comparing the way life will change.

  5. Enjoy the summer and unhurried days all the way to the last day and minute.

  6. Oh my - I sure will miss that summer list!!

  7. I keep thinking we need to get our bodies and our mornings into a "school routine", but I am trying to enjoy these last days of summer too. I feel the breathlessness in your school routine list and I'm not ready for it yet!

  8. Enjoy the last days of summer. It is amazing how quickly time passes and the older I get, the quicker it goes (old but true). Although hectic, I am sure the new school year will bring much excitement and new experiences.

  9. So true, time for "let's go" mornings! Sigh. Well said, Michelle, sad & true!

  10. The summer was so enjoyable with those "lazy, hectic, fun filled" days. The next few weeks will be challenging with new routines, new students, new opportunities. Each day is a blessing - so take a deep breathe and enjoy each moment.

  11. You are absolutely correct! Our summer was cut short a week this year, and we have already had four days of school. We are all still tying to get back into those alarm clock mornings. Enjoy your last few days.

  12. It sounds like we are on the same schedule. I go back on Monday, and my girls head back to school the Monday after. Enjoy the last little bit of your summer and especially the extra time with your girls!


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