Tuesday, February 12, 2013

sols: who am i?

Slice of Life Stories hosted

I'm learning that I have many stories to tell.  I'm a pretty private person and it takes me time to get to know and trust and share my stories.  (Blogging with the Two Writing Teachers community has sped up the process.  Thanks for being a supportive bunch!)

I have my up and down stories about being a . . .


All of these identities have stories.  Stories that are entangled to make me me.  How do I mold and merge and conform these stories to express who I am?  How do I overlap instead of isolate my stories?

I guess I need to continue to write.

Writing alllows me to tell my stories.
Writing provides meaning in the moment.
Writing is an outward reflection of who I am.

So, I guess I need to continue to write.
And that little Slice of Life Story Challenge in March should help.


  1. One story leads to another and another and meshes together. The slices you share enhance the person that you are. Thru your writing, you (and each of us) can see who you are - a loving, caring, sometimes frustrated, positive woman. Thanks for being the special person (daughter) that you are! Love ya, M

  2. I love the reflection Michelle and writing does clear up some of the questions, doesn't it? Looking forward to March!

  3. You forgot to say that you are a poet. This has come through your writing many times. I am surprised you said "I guess I need to continue to write." The writing that has expressed who you are speaks more about "I know I will write." I am happy that you have been writing, revealing who you are. I have met a wonderful person and you have enriched my life.

  4. Writing is very reflective at times... sometimes "digging" deep is hard because you are correct...sometimes it's hard to share openly. Thanks...

  5. Writing really is an extension of who you are....it becomes important, like breathing.

  6. Yes, keep writing! We love to hear your stories! Like you, I find that writing helps me find myself. Today, one of my students wrote that writing helps him clear his mind so he can think about other things. It's amazing what writing can do!

  7. Yay, I am excited for March and more writing too.

  8. I love the glimpse into all of your "selves." It paints a picture of how very WHOLE you are--the picture that your words continuously create. Looking forward to a month of stories of the layers of your life!


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