Tuesday, February 26, 2013

sol: your advice

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Ah, March is arriving soon.  Spring, green, warm sunshine, and slices of life.  Oh, will I have plenty of slices to share . . .

I have 2 and 3/4 year old girls.  They are growing up crazy fast!  Yes, I said they, as in two.  I have twin daughters.  It's still wild to say (or write) those words.  Our family doubled from two to four in the matter of minutes.

And now we are quickly approaching three.

Big milestones on the horizon.

(Note to reader: I'm a little scared!?!  Times two!)

I'm still a "new mom" in these areas of parenting.  We'd like to transition from the cribs to toddler beds and potty training before that third birthday.  I have no idea how to do either, but I do know we shouldn't attempt to do both at the same time.

Here's our current situation:

The girls share a room.  They have not yet climbed out of their cribs, but they know how to push Daddy's buttons by putting their legs up on the railing.  They are also awesome sleepers!  In bed and sleep all night for eleven hours.

However, with this new added freedom, will they stay in bed?  Will they get up over and over and over?  Will they bother each other?  Will they constantly try to sneak out of their room?  How do we keep them snug as little bugs in their beds?

(Note to reader: I need a plan.  A plan for two.)

And then there is potty training.  They sit on their little potties every night.  It's part of our bedtime ritual and automatic at this point.  We started a sticker chart and already filled up a whole chart.

Last weekend, we were home all day, so I enticed the girls into practicing using the potty with new underpants.  The girls were so excited!

"Momma, I'm going to be a big girl."

I set the timer for fifteen minutes and constantly talked about having that feeling to have to tinkle.  It worked two, maybe three rotations.

Then I found one of my daughters squatting under the table and knew exactly what she was doing.  We got cleaned up, changed, and tried again.  

Timer beeped again.  She made it to the bathroom, pulled down her pants, and then standing, looking at me, she proceeded to tinkle all over not knowing what to do.  Of course I reacted, yelling to sit down on her potty, but my reaction upset her and now she was in tears.

I reminded her that it's okay and there will be accidents.  I pulled out the big girl potty book we've read and read and read that reassured her it was okay.  Her response?

"Momma, can I have a diaper now?"

My other daughter piped in: "Me too, Momma!"

(Note to reader: I need a plan.  Any plan will do for two.)

We are targeting spring break.  (Should make for a few 'accidental' slices!)  I think the hardest part is that there are TWO!  Maybe it can work to my benefit...

(Note to reader: Any words of wisdom would be helpful!  Or, at least a prayer or mantra.  We'll take all the help we can get!)


  1. Well, you definitely know that prayers are being sent every day. As for a plan, hmmm.... I'm sure there are many, but your mother doesn't have one - just try, try, try, have patience and more patience and somehow it will happen. Spring break with two of us should help - let's be positive and know that spring break will be the time of transition! Hang in there! Love ya M

  2. It all may be scary and seem almost impossible, but it will all work out. Patience and forgiveness.

  3. Start when it gets nice out...prepare for wet big girl underpants, let them pick out their own big girl underpants...gold fish snacks as you 'try':) I think with 2 if you have them both try at the same time that will be much more enjoyable for all. xo PS Recovering that diaper money will be extra incentive for all!

  4. Sorry I don't have any advice, just words of encouragement. You know they won't be wearing diapers when they go to kindergarten. Isn't that a happy thought? They will get the whole potty thing, eventually. As for bed, I am sure they will try out the new freedom, but that too will pass. It will all work out, just remember, this is a very short period of time, even though it seems you will never get beyond this period.

  5. I was reluctant to transisition from crib to toddler bed too but we did ok. Your situation with two adds a new dynamic to that bedtime situation. I'm sure keeping everything as close to normal and considering the big girl beds as a positive privelege for only "big girls" will help.
    Well your girls are smart. They know that the diaper is waay easier for them. So you are going to have to work hard at finding just the right motivator for these young ladies. Just one M&M or Jelly bean was enough of a positive reenforcer for my children. (each of my kiddos liked something different) Good Luck! :)

  6. I don't think I possibly could have done this myself, but here is what daycare did and it worked for my son at about 2.5 years old. He continued to wear diapers, but every time they changed him (I think every hour and a half) they made him sit on the potty and try to go. I think that eventually he had a dry diaper for most of the day and that was when I switched to underwear. He was reluctant to do #2 on the potty, so I bribed him with a trip to the store to get whatever candy he wanted and it worked. From experience, it seems that every kid is different with both their motivation and also physical characteristics. Some take longer than others and that is probably ok.

  7. I love reading your blog since your girls are about six months ahead of mine. Your writing, which is always so honest, gives me a glimpse into what I'm going to encounter.

    That said, I'm keeping my kiddo in her crib as long as possible.

    We're not even at potty training yet. I will look forward to reading about how it goes in the month to come!

    GOOD LUCK. (Wish I had advice, but I'm learning from others like you.)

  8. So funny!

    The best advice we got when potty training was just to let them wet themselves! Going to the panties is a great idea. Be sure to hang out for several days in areas where you don't need to worry so much about the floors (no carpets!) They'll figure out quickly that being wet is yucky.

    As far as the beds go, I agree that doing one thing at a time is important. Maybe choose one to begin, and then move to the other? Potty training is easier when they are ready, and it will go quickly once they decide it is time. So start with whichever one makes you calmer to think about :)

  9. No advice, just encouragement; this too shall pass. Maybe breaks for each other when it feels like you can't deal with yet another wet floor.

  10. Wow, so many things to think about when you're a parent! (This is why I'm afraid to become one! I can't imagine teaching all day and then having to deal with things like this!) Your post felt very light-hearted and entertaining, although I'm sure that's not how you're feeling right now. Good luck, and good job staying positive!

  11. My daughter has just finished one & getting ready for the next (only 1 1/2 now). I say wait until warm weather. Easier to run around in big girl panties & practice, & I also think they are more capable at nearer 3, but we all have our own ideas, Michelle. My daughter, like someone above, used M & M's-didn't take long, & only one. As for the beds, it will probably be a few awful nights, but since they're already good sleepers, I bet the transition will be good. Oh, Michelle, my daughter & I were just talking about this next year with the 1 1/2 year old. It's a tough time for sure. So much to learn & for parents to teach. Best to you!

  12. Hmmm. I adopted my boys when they were seven and nine and already past this. I have potty trained puppies. That's always just a matter of training myself, really, to take them out a lot. I bet kids are a lot the same! I know you will figure it out-- you're an awesome mom!

  13. I'm all about M&Ms - they help me do tricky stuff! :) I may still have the "Mom, I Gotta Go Potty!" book - 30 pages, quick and easy. It's all about routines and momma & daddy keeping their frustration in their thinking bubbles.(That's the trickiest part!)

  14. I love the parenthetical pleas for advice. Too funny.

    Sadly, I also cannot offer advice, but definitely check out that blog Stacey shared with us awhile back: http://crappypictures.com/ for some support (and a good laugh).

    Above all, never stop believing in your parenting. Not getting it perfectly right all the time is part of the process (times two). There is a Brian Andreas saying that I love. I think it might fit here: "She asked me if I had kids & when I said I did she said make sure you teach them what's right. & I said how will I know? & she nodded & said, good point, just don't teach them any obvious wrong then."

  15. Thank you all! Such smart (and somewhat simple) advice!

  16. Michelle,
    With Kameron, we got the bed situation settled first. They need to be able to get up and go potty at night, so if they are stuck in crib, that kinda defeats the purpose. With potty training, (I have several friends with twins-weird I know) but they all seemed to have picked one twin (whomever was more ready) and potty trained one at a time. Summer seemed easier too.

    Ultimately, you're the momma and your gut instincts will tell you what will work best in your situation. Good luck with the transition. It's a huge change for sure...


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