Tuesday, February 5, 2013

sols: just right

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A moment.

Winter has arrived.  Finally.

I love (some) winter.  Snuggling up with a good book watching the beautiful floating snowflakes fall lightly to the ground creating a blanket of white.  Enough to create piles good for sledding.  There was finally enough snow this weekend.

Swish, swish, swish, swish.  Stomp.  Stomp.  Stomp.  Stomp. 

We stood at the top, staring down the big hill in front of Nana and Papa's house.  We talked the girls into sledding down the hill with us.

It was too B I G.  
It was too fast.  
*Sno*w w*as fly*ing *in o*ur *fa*ces.*
(It was just right for Daddy and Momma.)

"All done," P. stated.

We tromped down the snow covered sidewalk and M. found a medium-sized hill and insisted on testing it out.  Many times.  All by herself!  She was thrilled with the outcome each and every time.  Not too big, not too little.  It was just right for her.

P. was not interested in this hill and asked her Daddy to help her find a hill.

"Let's go to Nana and Papa's backyard.  There's a hill there I think you might like."

P. followed closely behind Daddy.  She turned to find me.

"C'mon Momma.  We are going to find a little hill for me."

We made the trek through the snow to the backyard.  Daddy set P. up in her sled and sent her down the hill . . . maybe a total of fifteen feet.

As she slowly made her way down the slight decline, she yelled, "It's PERFECT, Momma. The perfect hill for me!"  It was just right for her.

We all have our "just right" that gives us comfort.  
Be patient because once you find it, it will bring you joy.

Winter, I'm so glad that you finally arrived!  (Just don't stick around too long.  Please.  I also love some spring.)


  1. Too cute (as usual). I'm glad it's you getting the snow and cold while we're basking in sunny warmer Florida. We just have to wait for those perfect moments and realize they are just what we need. I'm so glad that both m & p are aware of those perfect times. If only, we, as adults, could recognize them too.

  2. Michelle, I see a children's book in this post. Delightful, too BIG and just right. What a fun day. Thank you for sharing.

  3. So so true Michelle, and we have to be opened in finding our "just right" because it is not always right in front of us. Love seeing sledding through the girls' eyes! We must have been thinking about the same thing today ;-)

  4. I love the snow, I love the clean white. The picture of the girls is amazing. Writing a book around the line, "I found the perfect hill for me" would be the sweetest little picture book. XO and enjoy before it all goes away.

  5. That's adorable. That would be a sweet picture book about finding your "just right."

  6. I am glad there were hills to choose from. I am glad that you got to slide down the hill too. Enjoy the winter. Spring will come soon.

  7. Love how you played with the fonts of this post, artistically and visually emphasizing your words. There are so many "just rights" in family activities! What a lovely winter day!

  8. I loved sharing in the joy of this winter day with you and your family. Our first jaunt into the snow with our little one wasn't quite as perfect as this one. As long as it keeps on snowing, we'll keep on trying.

  9. What a perfect time with the girls! Love the *sn**ow* that was flying! You are a master at using fonts creatively.

  10. I love how you captured the story into a connection with the fairy tale, Michelle, and told about everything being 'just right'. I would call the day 'just perfect'!

  11. My favorite with snow is the crunch. crunch. crunch. sound it makes with walking. Or maybe it is the way is glistens when the light hits it just right.

    I really loved your lines in purple toward the end. My One Little Word this year is Nurture and as part of Ali Edwards' OLW class I chose Nurture Patience as my intention for February. I ended up needing it in more ways than one during this busy time of the year even though we are only 5 days into the month. I will need to keep your lines at the forefront of my mind!

  12. I've been longing for a bit of snow. Your post was 'just right' for putting me right there with you and your dear ones in the snow!

  13. Michelle,
    I could equate this to finding just right books to read in the classroom...I will share this story with my students and co-workers! I especially love the purple quote

    "We all have our "just right" that gives us comfort.
    Be patient because once you find it, it will bring you joy."


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